Opening a dialogue on how people choose to recover their lost Life Force, both positively and negatively.
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Posted: May 13, 2010

The idea for writing this blog, honestly, began as a promotional idea to stir pre-release interest in my book No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE being published by Llumina Press. This does not diminish the necessity of such a discussion on lost Life Forces. It seems that for too long the inmates have been running the asylum, and that we citizens are being held hostage by greed and deceit. When we have better people, we will have better governments and a better planet.

What began my curiosity in the subject was the realization while breaking the numerology code that it is a blueprint, more accurately, a paint-by-numbers method of restoring weak or lost Life Forces. It is only one method. The Contributors of this wonderful web site, Token Rock, have various ways of helping to restore Life Forces.

It first takes personal insight to realize that we may have a weak or lost Life Force and the will to do something about it. What numbers do in this method of numerology is give awareness to those of us wanting to overcome negativity that causes personal destruction. These numbers also show us if we have accomplished positive aspects, and how to return to the positive if taking the negative route.

To begin with, what is the Life Force? Wikipedia's definition was too convoluted. It is simply the force of nature running through all things that encourages self preservation. Without a healthy Life Force the will to live is lost. Destruction and oblivion become preferable to existence. The penchant for self-destruction is not always distinguishable. It can be very subtle, and even hidden beneath massive consumption and wealth.

Observation made me aware that most of us or all of us on this planet have weak or lost Life Forces and are trying to restore them in various ways. Some ways are positive, but too many seem negative. In this blog I hope to open a discussion exploring our diminished or lost Life Forces, and how we try to recover them.

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