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Hair revisited

By: Richard Merrick

While in London recently, my family and I went to see the musical Hair, a remake of the groundbreaking Broadway musical of the 1960’s. With close-up seats at center stage, I can say unequivocally that it was the most impactful musical I have ever witnessed. It brought back all of the emotions and social problems […]

Common sense proof for the existence of spirit

By: Richard Merrick

There is a very simple way for each of us to know without a doubt that we are more than a material being. The proof for this is in the nether realm just before we fall asleep. The next time you lay down to sleep, but before you drift off, ask yourself to try and […]

Forgiveness Simply Means

By: Sherry Anshara

Forgiveness can be a challenge! Why? In the conventional forgiveness equation, the forgiver can still remain the victim! How does that happen? Since the body stores every experience that has ever happened to you, your body remembers even when you sometimes forget or try to forget. The forgetting process is your body’s way of survival. […]

The Sound of the Voice

By: Sherry Anshara

The difficulty when someone transitions, whether by an ‘accident’, a sudden illness or a long term illness, the ones who are left behind for sure are left grieving the loss of a friend, a family member, or a partner. Although death is a part of life, it is the truth that all of us are […]

The Now Age

By: Richard Merrick

I was a teenager in the late 1960s / early 1970s and part of a counterculture family. We actively protested against the Vietnam war, provided a crash pad for activists of all kinds and embraced the most open and exotic ideas possible at that time. We listened to folk music, read the underground newspapers and […]

How to Use Numerology to Find Your Soulmate

By: Nancy Laine

Numerology can be very helpful in predicting compatibility in all your relationships, business and personal, and today we’ll be taking a look at how Numerology can be used to identify your romantic soulmates. (And yes, I believe we have more than one!) Q: What’s a ‘Life Path number‘ and what does it have to do […]

How I Discovered Numerology

By: Nancy Laine

I first heard of Numerology several years ago when I read about a celebrity manager in LA who was using it in his business plans. This guy was managing people like Sylvester Stallone. And from what I could tell, it seemed to be working pretty well! I was fascinated to say the least, and I […]