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Once Broken Repair is a Long Hard Climb

Posted: October 31, 2011

Being broken doesn't always mean that we are the victims of others. It may mean that we have victimized others, so broke ourselves when doing so. The philosophy that says when we hurt others, we only hurt ourselves has validity when realizing the tangible process. When we come to terms with hurting others and are truly remorseful we make up for it in many ways.

When the first Cave Man clobbered the first Cave Woman over the head and dragged her into the cave, he erred against her. He may have only thought he was being clever to get what he wanted, but did that really make a difference to her? She may have held him accountable for her headache and abuse. When Roman soldiers raped and pillaged, they may have told themselves that they were only following orders, but did the victims care? Presidential candidates who are trying to eliminate the EPA may be, satisfying their donors. However, will those who die of toxic waste care whether Congress is only downing government in a bathtub? Candidates may justify to themselves that they are doing their god's work, letting the free market work, or some such vindication for their inhumanity. Nevertheless, they will have harmed others who might hold them accountable.

Eliminating all government regulations, so that corporations get away with hurting people, will surely earn bad karma as retribution from others. Some regulations might not hurt consumers except in the pocketbook. E.g., corporate advertisers, telling young women certain mascaras will miraculously manifest more lashes than eyes literally have, is a lie, but it won't kill. It is, though, stealing under false pretenses like the thick false lashes the models wear.

Nevertheless, intention playing a major part in karmic retribution might be the case. Would karmic laws force soldiers to be accountable when leaders force them to kill? When killing becomes enjoyable might be another matter.

Because Vlad III Dracula Prince of Wallachia also known as Vlad the Impaler tortured and murdered to survive, takes recovering his Life Force to the extreme. This is a severe example of a psychologically twisted individual who will most likely require countless lifetimes to recover, if he ever does.

One of my earlier blogs examines what might happen to such a person unable to rise his or her vibration to higher dimensions if this earth plane ends. With no equally-weighted vibration to reincarnate into, returning to dust or other baser elements of nature may be valid since no animals would be available either. When eulogies include the 'dust to dust' phrase, they may be speaking of some individuals whose vibrations cannot pull away from the earth plane. This option may only be a way that Mother Nature survives to continue her Life Force, throwing out the incurable to thin the herd, so to speak. Pieces of truth are found everywhere. Thus, the notion of oblivion may be valid for some when they lose their amassed conscious awareness.

Would it matter how badly others have been hurt if only eternal damnation or on the other end of the spectrum, oblivion, exists? Nothing would matter, the planet could go to Helvetica Font Type in a handbasket and probably would. Where is order in these belief systems that offer no repair?

Are people automatically born with goodness? Some religions proclaim that all are born sinners. This may be as untrue as people being born automatically good. Logically, we are what we were. If we ended one life on the negative side and learned nothing in the dimensions between lives, why would we be automatically good? Just as if we are good upon dying and return, why would we be automatically bad? The Life Force of a planet that sends wrongdoers to Helvetica Font Type for eternity or oblivion would be nonextant. The planet would be continually subjected to the whims of newbies.

Those in control might have created a notion of forgiveness for various reasons. The worst reason would be that they were the perpetrators and denied accountability also wanted to continue plundering, so controlled others through ideologies. Another reason for forgiveness is that vindictiveness can tie up emotions negatively until one is unable to function. They may also act on their vengeance, complicating their own existence by twisting their psyches. Forgiveness for its own sake, however, enables bad behavior. Perpetrators of cruelty and injustice will learn nothing to evolve personal character. Again, if only eternal damnation or oblivion exists then nothing matters. Whatever cruelties we perpetrate would have no consequences. Some are sincerely confident that belief in oblivion or forgiveness for all misdeeds, gives them a pass to harm others. This kind of denial can lead to sociopath and psychopathic behaviors. Do we want sociopaths in charge who feel nothing for the plight of others?

So much evidence now exists with technology that to deny existence in higher dimensions borders on stubbornness. However, an afterlife does not require that one individual only, runs the joint. The complexities of the Universes forgo it coming into existence by mental imaginings of one person. As we have pondered before, creation cannot happen in a vacuum without a frame-of-reference. More likely matter evolves from its own volition with help from beings who existed aeons before we can count, i.e., after-the-fact, scientists cure diseases that have already formed. More likely, evolved beings are in charge who have existed for aeons.

Some, work hard to be good, so hard that they adopt philosophies and theologies that damn those they perceive as wrongdoers to burn for eternity. Zealots have tortured many throughout history in the name of their gods and religions. Those doing so, wouldn't consider that they have hurt anyone, but instead saved souls. Tell that to those victims of such zealots whose psyches they've scrambled when shackled, burned at the stake, or beheaded. Those who did the torturing damned themselves when harming others.

Future lives don't guarantee the damage will heal. Victims might require many subsequent incarnations to repair such pitilessness. Sometimes, however, those who love hatred find themselves incarcerated into depths of depravity as a cure: i.e., too much chocolate makes the belly ache and so becomes distasteful. This is why warriors can become peacemakers. Conversely, some mild offenders, who are incarcerated only become worse when the system allows abuse.

When we live enough of life we are more able to create our own ideals rather than being forced to believe the dogmas of others. Freethinkers must be those who've learned significantly from living many lives.

Do the pro birth zealots who want to give zygotes personhood (being initiated in Mississippi) come from past Chinese who killed devalued baby girls, or both genders to reduce population? Regretting this, and trying to compensate, did they swing to an extreme position upon reincarnating into another culture? This is merely an example for the sake of understanding the Labyrinthian process of repair.

More likely, misogynists (women-haters) who believe the only value women have, is that of their wombs are surely behind extreme ideologies. They want to use the 'Personhood Amendment Number 26,' in Mississippi to politicize women's wombs, making them the properties of the State under all circumstances, even denying women birth control. They give no concern to rape, incest, or women's lives that may be put at risk. Those with distorted mentalities seem intent on hurting living women who they must consider have no humanity. Women who are brainwashed need rescuing from these abusers. These zealots seem more intent on killing women than protecting live babies, especially when they easily send young people to die in illegal wars. This kind of hypocrisy surely leads to psyches becoming more distorted than repaired.

Also, on this matter is monetary concern. Ten percent tithing to churches, keeps preachers employed. The more members of their faiths, the more dollars they amass so can live more luxuriously. With seven billion people now populating the planet, these religious zealots seem unconcerned about the overall well being of the planet, but only for power and privilege.

History gives many examples of distorted mentalities: Jim Jones who intended to kill Followers, David Koresh of the Waco Davidian standoff, Middle-Eastern dictators are modern examples. These people used ideologies to control others into blindly following them. Experience would cue Followers to protect themselves from them. Some did see what was going on and they saved themselves. This is where life experiences build innate behavior into our subconscious to draw upon as instincts.

A healthy Universe allows for reincarnation so not to extinguish itself. The Universe is most likely indifferent to us as individuals. It may respond for its own interest when having evolved reincarnation that allows us to raise in consciousness and behavior: so, not to harm it. How this notion becomes understood and those who come to realize that they continue to exist and are accountable for actions, may want to make up for past mistakes. How individuals go about doing so, takes varied forms.

First, when we unintentionally hurt someone we need to forgive ourself and hope the offended party forgives us. We've learned a valuable lesson, and, hopefully never err in that manner again. That said, are we responsible for over sensitivity of mentally and emotionally fragile individuals? Neither should we dismiss them. Many individuals, aggrieved over long periods can begin to perceive all actions of others as deliberate. Therefore, genuine apologies go a long way in their recovery that they can see the difference between intended and unintended hurtful behavior.

When we become genuinely good, realizing that we've hurt another is painful even when doing so unintentionally. Sometimes, however, we must speak up because, 'It is better to speak up to a friend and lose him, than let him lose himself.'

Those, protecting their egos will go into denial rather than feel lesser about themselves, trying to hide from their god, karma, or those carrying grudges. It is a good bet that being in denial more often occurs when we've wronged others. We know very well when we've been wronged, unless the grievance is so severe that reliving the torment is excruciatingly painful to the point of not functioning.

Many avenues of repair exist. Some individuals punish themselves by living in the shoes of those they've hurt. When genuinely remorseful, what is the point of 'an eye-for-an-eye' justice when it could damage psyches of those who are truly sorry for their actions? Heartfelt remorse seems its own repair. Those who genuinely believe in karma and accept misfortunes as consequences of prior actions are likely to mend rather than become resentful from this type of recovery.

Some people wanting the coveted life of those whom they aggrieved seek riches to assuage their guilt. Their rationale is that getting what they want will make them better. What if the repair for coveting others to the point of harming them, is learning to live comfortably with little? Self preservation is also a benefit of austerity.

Individuals also try to moderate behavior by spiritual beliefs. Some, genuinely try to be better people by seeking avenues to raise their consciousness, hoping to eliminate negativity from character by assimilating high ideals into actions. This can work on a surface level, but deep-seeded anger remains in the subconscious unless it gets purged from the psyche. These individuals may be pleasant on the surface, but anger boils beneath and may rise at the slightest provocation. This method may take a long time until absorption takes place enough to absolve misdeeds when one has no idea why he or she became someone who hurts others.

Someone who intensely loves another, living on the negative side, helps repair them. Who else but a soul mate or an extremely loving person could tolerate profound negativity in another who diminishes them? Abusive relationships might fall into this category.

When experiencing profound love, but unable to change for the better, losing this love can repair another. To quote Carol Burnett, 'You have to love someone enough to let them hate you.' Sometimes we must leave abusers to teach them love after first letting them experience it, if love by itself is not enough. The loss of it can be profound.

I once drove past a sign in Alaska, 'Kiss a wolf for three dollars.' Why not? I went to this sanctuary. The owner said that, 'Once wolves experience human love, they crave it.' This applies to other animals. So those who have experienced profound love, but lose it, may do whatever is necessary that changes their character for the better to reclaim it.

A positive theory of recovery may be someone like Betsy Ross becoming a surgeon in a future life. She stitches together damaged and torn bodies that her talents led her toward becoming in an even more significant way than even creating our flag. Recovery can be from doing good deeds. It may take many incarnations to learn how to repair others.

When we understand ourselves and actions and purge grievances from our psyches, damage melts away without long hours on the couch of Freud's talking cure: If only Tony Soprano had known this. Purging is reliving the nascent or original events that distorted our psyches. Bursting the (Wen) of psychic distortion is the easiest way, yet the hardest way to repair ourselves. This may be why it becomes so difficult to evolve our characters for the better. Looking into the mirror of self reflection is not easy. It hurts.

Maxims are a wonderful source of repair when we take them to heart. One of my favorites comes from the I Ching. Through adversity, 'Be not sad, be like the Sun at midday.'

... stay tuned ...

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