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Offering week 5/24-6/5 2012

Posted: May 23, 2012

Offering, Toj, Muluc. Direction = Red/ East.

The day sign of Offering has also been called Incense by some sects of the Maya. It is the incense that is burned by the fire of the East to bring about an offering. This day sign relates to the ceremonial aspect of life. It is only natural that Offering people are inclined to be performers or in some way up in front of the public. Offering people often carry the shame and trauma of the community. They are very charismatic, sexual and have very fiery emotions. Their extreme sensitivity can be a cause of their emotional flair ups. They take everything that happens to or around them very seriously. They possess a very powerful and sometimes hypnotic sex drive. This works well for them when they are up in front of the public. Two very noticeable people born under the day sign of Offering are Bill Clinton and Madonna.

Those born under this day sign are extremists in many ways. They often exhibit an all or nothing perspective for projects they take on. It is their passion for life that can propel them in to prominence, success or scandal. They are willing to take chances and to manifest their creative vision and beliefs. They do enjoy the thrill of taking risks. Their strong emotional energy can lead to compulsive behavior and addictions to sex, drinking, money and drugs if it not channeled positively. They can also create a lot of debt for themselves if their passions are not kept in check. Some people will find the Offering person uncouth and a bit lacking in social decorum. Offering people also possess a very strong and independent mind. They put this to work by combining their mental faculties with intuition to solve many problems with original ideas. They do not seek leadership, but once drawn into that arena of life, they may be powerful and successful.

As the Dog persona has deep connections with their father figure, Offering people usually have a powerful relationship to their mother. Some Offering people can be dominated by their mothers or hang on to then long after the apron strings should have been cut.

If Offering people can control their urges, they can get in touch with a very powerful spiritual nature within themselves. Many are very psychic and are interested in the fields of UFO and paranormal activity such as ghosts. While many feel that these areas of exploration are eccentric, Offering people are fascinated. They can lose themselves in fantasy due to their powerful imaginations.

Those that are involved with Offering people may find it necessary to reign them in from time to time. They do have a bit of an all or nothing mentality. When they get involved in something, they go whole hog. Helping an offering person see the bigger picture is for their own good. When an Offering person is able to keep their emotions under control, as well as their spending, and narrow their focus, they can achieve great things. Offering people like to take risks with their time and money, so they need someone to help them have perspective in these areas. The part of the body that is ruled by Offering is the hair.


The energy governing this week can bring powerful emotional and creative expression or unpleasant outbursts. It is also a time when intuition is strong; you may be able to solve problems that have been bothering you for a long time. Addictions and other vices may be magnified during this week. The East day signs will be feeling the Offering energy very strongly. They will find that expressing themselves this week can be beneficial for them. Follow your inner guidance this week, and it can have a very positive outcome for you. The North day signs, who could often benefit from emotional expression, will find themselves supported as they express their feelings. The white day signs could use a little passion in their lives! The West day signs will need to keep their emotions in check this week. It is your challenge week, so you may find anger and other painful feelings welling up this week. Take some deep breaths and try to express yourself in a positive way. Anything can happen for the South day signs this week. If a situation comes to your attention that angers you, try exercising or some other physical activity to help you get through these unexpected experiences.


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