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Night week 4/28-5/10 Home, Security and Creativity

Posted: April 28, 2012

Night, Aq'ab'al, Akbal direction = Blue/West

This day sign represents the time of transition between day and night, dawn and dusk. It is at this time, according to many spiritual traditions, that the earth is most powerful. It is a time for magic. Most Mayan ceremonies, including the ceremony to welcome each new Mayan week, take place at dawn. That is why the day sign of Night is capable of communication with spirits and the underworld. Day sign Night is governed or influenced by the direction of the West. The West is the realm of the sub conscious, or to the Maya, the underworld. Those born under this day sign often have the gift of healing and prophecy. A Night person is good at connecting with the subconscious. A prominent Night person, Joseph Campbell, is famous for his study of mythology. His career is based on discussing what comes from the inner recesses of the psyche. Another master of illusion was Jack Karouak.

Night is one of the day signs that have the body lightening, or energy that comes spontaneously out of them. The parts of the body connected with Night are the eyes. Those born under this day sign are usually very attractive, with striking or mesmerizing eyes. Because the day sign of Night flirts with the darkness and all that is in it, Night people can find themselves lost in illusion, fantasy and addictive behaviors. Gambling can be a big problem for Night people. If Night people put their attention to spiritual matters or a business that has a spiritual focus, they can garner success.

When Night people get in touch with reality, they can become very wealthy through focus and hard work. They don't seek out fame and power, but they can handle it when it comes to them. The Night born is capable of very deep thought. Logic, organization, patience and endurance are some of the beneficial qualities of the Night person. They can become teachers, leaders and sometimes healers. Night likes to be of service.

They are the opposite of the Wind persona in that they like to stay home, create security and structure their life in a practical and orderly way. If they are clear on their goals, Night people will stay focused on a goal until completion, even if it takes many years to do so. These people can do very well in real estate. Night people usually feel the desire to have security, and they have the stamina to carry it through. Night people like to be creative with their homes. Their connection to the sub conscious also gives them a creative flair. Night people are also very private. They are romantic and are usually lucky in love even with their desire for privacy and alone time. Good luck follows them throughout their life.

Like the power that manifests with night and dusk, these people can live happy, prosperous lives if they are willing to harness the power within them.

For those born into the direction of the West, this is a week get in touch with the sub conscious. Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle and Storm will be empowered this week to start new money-making ventures, redecorate the house and focus on long range financial planning. You may feel a bit reclusive. It could be a good time to go to Las Vegas and stay up for the dawn!

The earth day signs, ruled by the South will also have a good week. For Seed, Star, Road, Wisdom and Sun this will be a week when your new ideas will find support and acceptance. It is best to stay at home, do some spring cleaning and look at what you want to release from you sub conscious. You may get interested in doing some art projects or collecting art you find beautiful.

For the day signs that are going through challenges this week, namely the fire day signs form the East, this can be a deceptive week. Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed and Earth need to be cautious this week. Many unpleasant thoughts and feelings from the sub conscious may surface and cause a bit of havoc in your lives. This is not a good week to travel, so only travel if you absolutely must. It is also good for to wait to make purchases for the home. Long range plans may go up in smoke if put into action this week.

The day signs ruled by the air element will be in for some surprises this week. For the North born, Wind, Transformer, Dog, Jaguar and Flint, this could end up being a strange week. Old situations from the past may surface and bring unexpected positive or negative energies into your life for the moment. Long range planning is not really good for you right now, so just enjoy the moment and don't get too serious about anything.


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