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Night Binging: What's Happening

Posted: March 26, 2010

Binge eating mostly happens in the evening and you become someone else. In the evening you are probably tired and stressed, and that is why you should use your rational hours of the day planning your evenings in order to eat moderately. When you eat supper, you gorge yourself with everything you have at home such as sandwiches, ice cream, etc.

Try not to keep sandwiches, ice cream or other fattening, unhealthy food at home. Be sure to buy in advance the ingredients you need to prepare a large, tasty salad, so that you can have a big meal that is not fattening and unwholesome for your body.

The main goal here is to get healthy, wholesome and reasonable eating habits. If you do this in the first place, your body weight will go down to a level that fits your physical constitution.

The alternative to escaping the anguish by binge-eating is feeling the anguish. This can provide useful information that you might need for accurate estimates in life. Be curious about what can come out of your feelings and ideas if you desist from gorging yourself with food.

Lie down and focus your attention inside of yourself. Be brave! What you feel may not be pleasant. But these unpleasant feelings usually die away after a while and afterwards you are enriched with a new understanding of your inner feelings and you will feel generally better.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing exercise for the cravings to dissipates if it is still there get-up and prepare a large salad.

Think About All Of The Steps Involved:

The thought enters your mind that you want to cheat. (REFRAME NOW! THINK ABOUT THE NEW YOU) Ask why and make a better decision. You decide to take action on the thought. (IT'S STILL NOT TOO LATE!) You stand up. (YOU ARE ABOUT TO MESS UP ALL YOUR EFFORTS!) You walk over to the fridge, door (to go to the store), or phone (to order food). (THINK AGAIN!!!) You open the fridge door, grab your keys and unlock the door, or dial the phone (after looking through your pile of menus and picking one out). (POINT OF NO RETURN!!!) You reach into the fridge and start searching around, walk out your door to the store or sit and wait the fast food delivery man. YOU JUST LET YOURSELF DOWN.

These are definitely a lot of steps! And there are many in between I have probably missed as well. So as we see here, there are 7 opportunities to reason with your own mind, and think 'ok, do I really want to kill all my hard work in the gym by eating something that will only award me temporary satisfaction, and make me look/feel worse?' In the heat of the moment, the binge eater is sometimes likened to an animal that cannot control itself, acting on instinct only, without regard to what is going on.

He consumes simply for the sake of consumption, and receives his satiety from this fact, and this fact only: he will not stop until he is absolutely stuffed and will award his palate with a plethora of different tastes to fit his liking.

The body you want is already there, it's maybe just a little covered up...remove that cover by respecting and loving yourself. Use your mind. Without a light what good is a temple.

My book Mind Over Body will help you do just that, order a copy today!

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