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New Year's Day New Moon!

Posted: December 27, 2013

hello friends/readers...i hope you are navigating the intense mars/uranus/pluto energies that are present this week with grace and ease. the last days of 2013 end in dark moon energies- perfect for release, renewal, retreat and reflection. new year's day we have a new moon, a very rare occurrence that is super significant. read the lunar insight posted below for more info- and check the weekly horoscopes posted by sunday night to see what this new moon is Lighting up in your life!


~divine harmony


the new moon in capricorn falls on the 1st of january- commencing a very significant new year that is truly aligned with the solar and lunar cycles. the gregorian calendar we currently run on is not synced up with the cycles of nature. a month is 28-31 days and is not aligned with the lunar cycle, and the new year is not aligned with the solar cycle- except for when a new moon happens to fall on new year's day! this only happens once every 19 years- so this is rare and auspicious. essentially we have the new moon energy supporting us in setting intentions/resolutions and we have the moon's growing energy to support us in attaining what we seek!

this is a great year to do some kind of ceremony of release on new year's eve (the dark moon) and then do some kind of ceremony of what you are calling in on new year's day (sometime after 3:14am PST- when the new moon is exact). new moons are times to plant seeds, commence new things and start on new paths. this new moon is POWERFUL and potentially intense- so read on to learn how to harness the potent energies at hand.

the first and most significant thing about this new moon is the fact that it is aligned with the uranus/pluto square. this long term transit that spans from 2012-2015 has been waking up, shaking up and breaking up a lot of energy/situations/relationships in the world. i call the uranus/pluto square the breakdown/breakthrough duo: anything that is out of alignment, toxic, stagnant, stuck or no longer working is being highlighted and brought to the surface of consciousness so we can deal with it once and for all. the new moon in capricorn is conjunct pluto in capricorn and square uranus- bringing clear and direct focus to what is dying in our lives and what new is trying to be birthed.

to add to this we currently have a grand cross dynamic forming between mars in libra, jupiter in cancer, uranus in aries and pluto in capricorn. jupiter has been forming a T-square with uranus and pluto since september and he will do so until april. jupiter tends to expand what he touches and in the case of uranus/pluto he can throw more fuel on the fire- expanding and exploding those breakdowns and breakthroughs and bringing things to a boiling point. when you add in mars in libra you have a recipe for even bigger activation! mars is a trigger point planet- and he tends to bring immediate action into the mix. currently mars is in libra- a sign he is not super comfy in. the best use of mars in libra is to fight for peace, harmony and balance- but the shadow side is being passive, passive-aggressive and/or completely repressing anger. if the latter is the case then things can get explosive as eventually what is repressed or suppressed will build up and explode like a pressure cooker. this potent configuration of 4 planets forming a grand cross aligns with the new moon- bringing huge focus to the intensity and transformations playing out in our lives (personally and collectively).

this truly is the most amazing new moon to align with intentionally- as the power inherent in it can be incredibly transformative and positive, but it can also play out in destructively if not worked with consciously. to add to that mars is conjunct the asteroid nemesis- symbolizing our achilles heel or our own self-undoing. with nemesis conjunct mars, opposite uranus, square jupiter and square pluto- this lunation can highlight where we hold ourselves back, where our weak spots are and/or where we self-sabotage. opportunities to see these places within ourselves then gives us opportunities to push past them and/or heal them. not everyone will choose this path though, others may choose to stay stuck, stay wounded and stay in the place of blaming others for their own life experiences. keep this in mind as you navigate the energy in the first part of january- as not everyone will be choosing the Higher Vibration!

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one more very significant aspect to the new moon chart is the sun/moon conjunctions activation of the black sun. i have only recently been introduced to this astrological point. so far my sense is it symbolizes carl jung's concept of the sol niger- the alchemical nigredo stage that is akin to going down into the darkness of the Soul. all diamonds start out as rough rocks- and so the black sun is a spiritual point that points to the rough rock stage, which is the raw prima materia needed for a very significant and meaningful transformation. with the sun/moon conjunction aligned with the black sun (opposite it)- we have opportunities to shine a Light on our own shadow and to see the long road of transformation ahead. this can be a very inward, downward time, it can be a very volatile, explosive time- and it could be both! with the black sun involved in this new year's new moon- we have an opportunity to dive into the abyss and get in touch with our shadow and our Light!

as you can see this new moon is not a typical one and this new year is not a typical new year. on the heels of the black water snake year/year of the Goddess (2013)- i see 2014 as the year of transition (akin to the last part of the labor cycle for a mother- that point where the baby is about to come and she is about to give up). april will particularly powerful- stay tuned as the 2014 forecast will be posted by january 1st- or earlier if i can get it done sooner :)

i am wishing you the most auspicious, powerful, transformational new year ever! call it all in with grace and ease…and get ready to grow in leaps and bounds!

~divine harmony

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