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New Mayan Week-2/22 -SERPENT:Sensuality,Spirituality and Charisma

Posted: February 10, 2012

Serpent, Kan, Chicchan Direction: Red/East

Serpent is another very sensual, strong and healthy day sign. Like the rhythmic, even hypnotic movements of the snake, you will find many Serpent people in professions where flowing movement is basic to their work. I know a very interesting belly dancer who fits perfectly into her day sign of Serpent. She is charismatic and sexual, whether she is dancing or not .The famous Serpent, Marilyn Monroe, is an example of a Serpent a person that had tremendous sexual appeal that became larger then life. A career in entertainment, dance, music, teaching or politics and sales comes easy to them. The part of the body that governs the energy of the Serpent is the genitals. Serpents can often get into complications due to their sex appeal. Many Serpents do not realize the power that they have and often become the victims of their sexual passions.

The Serpent can project outward their inner thoughts, even when they are not trying to do so. Those around them can feel their inner attitudes .Serpents do have very strong emotions that can bring upheaval to relationships and careers. When a Serpent has been drinking or under great pressure, these feelings will come to the surface. To nurture themselves through unpleasant emotional experiences, the Serpent person may use food, sex, artistic expression, computer games or even work to sooth themselves.

They are fascinated with deathand rebirth and can devote much of their lives to these areas of experience. This manifests with Serpents as a very strong spiritual side that focuses on the essence of regeneration. They are connected with the concept of death and rebirth, primarily because they shed their skin and are in a sense, reborn. They have the ability to become psychics, communicate with the dead, shed light on past lives and interpret dreams.

The instinctual power of the Serpent can become very painful for those around them. Serpent people are influenced by the direction of the East that represents fire. Therefore, they can have fiery tempers. The Serpent is also very strong willed. If these people are not in integrity and do not have a spiritual focus, they can lead others into many agonizing problems. Serpents must nurture themselves in order to stay in harmony with themselves and the world. Many Serpents go into a career that focuses on some aspect of Psychology. The shedding of the old to allow the new to emerge, like the snake shedding it's skin is an aspect of life that the Serpent person understands on a deep level. That is why they can be helpful to those who want to go through the transmutation process. Serpents also have a great desire to obtain many different types of knowledge. Their thirst for knowledge can make them natural educators. Some Serpents can become obsessive in their pursuit of wisdom.

They have great stamina that gives them the ability to keep doing strenuous activities for long periods of time. Serpents do need take time out to rest and regenerate in order to stay balanced .Most Serpents are healthy and this can give them great longevity. Serious illnesses may develop for a Serpent person who remains out of balance.

This captivating nature of the Serpent makes it possible for them to make great leaders. Leadership comes naturally to Serpents. They have great intellectual ability as well as instinctual strength. If a serpent person gets to a position of power, it is important for them to be able to look beyond their own feelings and instincts to the needs of others. The charismatic nature of Serpent imbues them with a larger then life charisma that translates to the stage, film and other industries where a strong presence is valuable. Mae West and Grace Kelly are two such Serpents that had a facade that made them famous. The magical, hypnotic quality of the serpent can lead others to greatness or ruin. Most Serpent people do have an inner sense of law and justice that usually helps to keep them on track even in the face of temptation.

Having the Serpent ruling the week of Valentine's Day, it will be sure to be a romantic and passionate day! This is an empowering week for the day signs ruled by the East: Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed and Earth. You will be able to make great strides this week in terms of relationships and career. If you are looking for a little more umph for a presentation or discussion of any kind, this is the week to use this energy. It will also be a good time to take charge of a situation that may be out of control.Go For it!!

For the signs ruled by the North, namely Wind, Transformer, Dog, Jaguar and Flint, it is a time when you can get the nurturing that you desire. You will have a very positive response from people that you are seeking to connect with you. It is a good time to state your case and find support.

The water signs ruled by the West, Night, Deer, monkey, eagle and Storm, are having a challenge week. Your amorous advances might be misinterpreted, so act with caution. It is not a good time for you to try to push to the forefront of any situation. It is best to be in safe mode in order to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

The South ruled day signs of Seed, Star, Road, Wisdom and Sun have an anything goes week coming up. You may get surprised by connecting with an old love, or meet someone new and exciting. If you are presently in a relationship, your partner may give you a new thrill.Be open to the unexpected and fabulous events can manifest!


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