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Mythical Walls of Belief

Posted: April 26, 2011


The wind blew across the land stirring up dust from the arid landscape. As the Sun descended upon the horizon, the dust particles reflected an auburn glow. Gazing to the distant west, ridgelines highlighted a maze of endless walls. Countless passageways spread in a spherical pattern into the blinding light.

These walls of ancient stone command each of us to traverse our labyrinth of life. Spiraling we must, into our deepest contemplations.

Reaching the nucleus of the maze, we discover that what seemingly spiraled inward also radiates outward. As within, so without.

The steep shadowed walls curve about giving us the occasional comfort of warmth from the Sun's rays.

PhotoPacing forward, echoes collide, blocks remove like windows to the other side. But the walls make fools of us, for they only separate us from ourselves.

Their cavernous recesses and protruding pinnacles push and pull at the fabric of what we think we are. We are no more or no less than these particles massed together into surfaces expressing their power and pain… their joy and sorrow, their weaknesses and ultimate triumphs.

In my most profound moments, I have traversed these pathways, walking with my eyes of the physical darkened, yet with my eyes of spirit opened wide, thus taking in all that I thought I could not see. Then as swiftly as these moments were received, they rapidly fled.

I've held these moments close with the gift of their knowledge seeding my thoughts with the heart-fluttering anticipation of their return. These walls are penetrable, for what lies on the other side and what lies within is everything we are as well.

We question our movements forward and backward, side-to-side, and above and below, failing time and again to consider inward and outward, but how could we not? We see not beyond the walls. Our seeming reality balances upon the fragile foundation of a world constructed in limiting beliefs. These beliefs shimmer like radiant heat rising from a scorching desert floor. Like a mirage, they dissipate as we venture ever closer.

Look one must at what holds these walls together as they stand so tall around us. Pressing our foreheads to their cold uneven surfaces we must focus both outer and inner eyes upon them as they vibrate into form. We must center our attention on their minutest detail. Inspect the slightest of uneven surfaces. First to the moss-filled crevices, then to the grains of sand and stone gripping so tightly together, singing their song of unity.

PhotoWe recognize their voices as our own, and our peaceful nature sways along in unison. As the moss clings to the grains and particles it also clings to our bodies. We are the walls that once held us in captivity. And, as these walls accept our presence, they share with us their knowledge. We and the walls are one. The holes that were once windows through to the other side are now windows into our own souls showing us what we have chosen to learn.

How might each of us come to this realization? We must walk the paces with the eyes of spirit open wide allowing us to see what, at first, may not come into focus. The Sun shall rise and set. With it the brightest light and the darkness of the deepest shadow shall surround and consume us. And thus, the walls shall not limit us, but rather become a part of that which allows each of us to realize wholeness.

So it was that he exemplified the true measure of the man he set out to express upon his arrival here in this Earthly plane. As he came into being his knowledge appeared to slip away. As time seemingly passed, he became that which he was led to believe was impossible, and all was one. He witnessed the walls dissolve and in their place was what appeared to be nothing, yet in this nothingness he found all he could ever have hoped for. He wished for this knowledge to be understood by all aspects of himself and thus a new revolution was born.

~ S. C. Leuthold

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