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My Friend Achieves His Goal

Posted: October 6, 2009

My first blog entry was about a man named Marc Rubin, whom I have known now for a number of years. Marc is a contributor to Token Rock and I have worked with him in the past on projects. When I met him he was already in great physical shape. But it wasn't more than about two years prior that things were different.

Marc had been a heavyset man. With little exercise in his routine, Marc weighed in at 325 pounds. In the early days of his life, he actually had been in pretty good shape, having played college football and baseball. But as he moved into adulthood, his weight got away from him.

One day, he had decided to go for a hike with his kids up a peak near his home. About half way up, Marc couldn't go any further, feeling, as he puts it, 'like I was about to die.' As he sat there, he noticed the disappointment on the faces of his boys, who were hoping to climb to the top. He and his family turned and went home.

He shared with me that he could see the generational pattern he was replicating. His father suffered from a debilitating hip injury, heart disease, and fought a prolonged battle with cancer. He had rarely been active.

One day he had been invited to lunch by a friend he had not seen in a long time. When he arrived Marc was blown away. The friend had lost a significant amount of weight. Their conversations led Marc on a crusade. He became completely committed to getting back in shape.

Marc set a goal for himself... to complete a full triathlon. As the weight came off, Marc became more and more interested in reaching his goals. As he would reach a goal, he would set new goals to achieve. He eventually lost over 150 pounds, started his own foundation for Triathon, completed several Ironman competitions located within the continental United States and abroad.

The ultimate goal was yet to be achieved. Marc set a goal to compete in Ironman Kona, the mother of all Tri events. The hurdle was that in order to even qualify for Kona a competitor would need to be able to complete a full qualifying Ironman event in ten hours. Marc tried and tried. We all watched him beat himself up time and time again to complete the grueling events. But he remained steadfast in his goal. Then, in spring of this year while competing in a New Zealand Ironman event he qualified for Kona.

I write this blog this morning while my good friend stands on the shores of the Big Island of Hawaii, looking out over the mighty Pacific Ocean. Marc has achieved the pinnacle of his goals. He will be competing in Ironman Kona this week as a healthy, in shape, 41 year old man. This story is so inspiring to me, and I hope to you, as well.

The image attached is from Men's Fitness magazine who featured Marc this past August for the amazing weight loss he achieved.

His quote on the image: 'Stay away from simple sugars. I have a rule, no sugar added. I will eat all foods, but no foods where sugar is added. I only get sugar when it occurs naturally in foods, as with apples and sweet potatoes.'


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