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My Epic Journey Begins

Posted: May 6, 2012


A Shift in the Heart, Clarity in the Mind, and Freedom of the Soul.

In less than two weeks, my life will take a 90 degree turn. It is coming... my future that is. My home is within my heart. The world shall become my residence.

2011 played a significant role in the seeming upheaval, reorder, restructure, and the refocus of my life.

For 22 years, I spent my time happily defining myself by the love relationships in my life. But that all changed last year. 2011 was also a very significant year for me because I published my first book, Rediscovering Your Divine Music. With my focus shifted toward a life of loving myself, and the book project now under my belt and off my desk, I feel it is time to begin an exploration of sorts and embark on an epic journey.

PhotoAs 2012 broke ground, I found myself once again questioning the validity and purpose of my societal roles. I revisited the questions about society's standards that have long played their role as devil's advocate, so to speak, in my life.

The questions have sat in the back of my mind over the years, surfacing only when challenges have made their move on the chess board. But, the check mate is mine to be had. You see, I have heard the ancient chime of the gong and its vibration reverberates throughout my soul now like tectonic plates shifting and changing the face of my seeming reality.

I call it Chapter 6. For those of you who have read my book, you will recognize this concept. This is the latest epic chapter of my own life. As the pages turn I shall maneuver ever closer to the climax and allow, yes allow. Allow all that this life has to offer to make its way into my view. I fear not because I welcome the freedom from limitation and structure, from trying so hard to please, to impress, to satisfy, to force, or to expect.

Rather, I intend to see the world through new eyes. I intend to stand on the edge of a great storm on the blowing plains as the ominous dark clouds billow. I intend to dig my hands into the soil of gardens cultivated by friends and share in the experience of the miracle of life. I intend to bring smiles to faces as often as possible. I intend to be alone in wilderness with only my thoughts. I intend to sit fireside with those with great wisdom to share. I intend to see colors burst and fade away as the seasons change. I intend to share the ride with as many of you as I possibly can, listening to the words roll off your lips as the miles pass below our feet on the open road.

PhotoWhat is real? All that I can possibly even fathom as real is experience, communication, internal thought, feelings, and emotions. But do they truly exist? I have my doubts. But, I do know that 'things' seemingly carry weight and that weight drags one down to a slow crawl. It isn't that I condemn possessions or the desire to surround ones self with the things that seemingly provide for a convenient life. I respect the paths that we each chose to walk as having limitless possibilities. But, for me at this moment in my journey, it is freedom from that weight that interests me.

I haven't much of a plan, really. Just to get out there and welcome the experience. I love Token Rock and what it stands for. I am proud of it and what my partners and I created. It shall continue on. I shall continue to nurture its existence. What will change is how my own perspectives on this reality will be shaped. I am letting go. I am freeing myself from what has been engrained into my thought process by the capitalistic machine I was born into.

I have been both seemingly lucky and seemingly unlucky having been born into such a system. My path has guided me around much of the tyranny I may have experienced in countries brought on by over controlling ego dictatorships. Yet, at the same time, my being has been herded like a sheep into the work and spend empty dream monotony. We are submersed in a system that has robbed so many within these borders of their physical fitness, their independence, their ability to be satisfied or at peace in exchange for Hallmark holidays and point of purchase momentary false satisfaction and spurts of happiness.

We have a system, and yes to get by, that system must be tolerated and even to some extent respected. Yet, we need not succumb to its full force.

PhotoSo, I am shedding the material to the extent I am currently comfortable with. Yes, some may say I am crazy. Some may say I am wise. Some may feel I'm not shedding enough, others may say I have shed too much. It is no matter.

It is my own life to be experienced how I see it best be spent. I shall share what I have learned along the way and may my spirit move you and inspire you to do the same.

Much love and I hope to see you along the way. If you would like to share in any part of this experience with me as I pass through your area, please do not hesitate to share that desire.


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