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My (Very) Personal Numerology Report for June

Posted: June 19, 2009

Even though I've been a serious student of Numerology for over 11 years now, I'm continually amazed at the accuracy of my personal Numerology report -- and particularly my MONTHLY reports!

I just revisited my report for this month (June 2009) and thought I'd post it here as an example. I can't begin to tell you how accurate it's already been and OMG, the month is only half over!

The bottom line? I'm being advised that it's critically important (especially right now) to communicate my feelings with honesty and openness.

And did I need to be reminded of that? Oh yeah. Perhaps it will help you in some way too!

With Love,

Here's my personal report for the month of June:

Nancy, June is a 2 Personal Month in a 5 Personal Year and it enhances your insight into the motivations and emotions of others. You play the role of counselor several times this month.

Your intuitive powers are also enhanced, but this does not extend to money matters. It's not a good time to take financial risks.

There are changes taking place in many areas of your life this year, and the general instability is felt strongly this month.

Study and reading are more favorable, especially when related to your career. The focus is on relationships at work and at home. You need to trust others enough to open up your heart and reveal your deeper feelings. This is a good time to release some bottled-up feelings.

Romance also plays an important role this month, particularly if you are involved in a relationship that originated fairly recently.

Nancy, your enhanced sensitivity and intuition helps you to see the deeper meanings and values, which make the relationship stronger or....causes a permanent break.

A critical issue here is your ability to express your true feelings. Communicate!

An unexpected invitation to visit a friend or relative in some distant town may inspire you to pack your backs and go. This will turn out to be beneficial.


Note: My teacher and mentor Hans Decoz created the software that produced this report. In my opinion it's the best Numerology software available in the world today.

For information on ordering your own report, click here.

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