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MAYAN WEEK 1/15/2012-1/27/2012---STORM: CREATIVITY & LOVE

Posted: January 15, 2012

Storm Kawuk, Cauac. Direction = Blue/west

This day sign represents Storm, thunder and general turbulence. It represents the movement of the water in our world. This is part of the Storm nature. It might be better to call this day sign Lighting Rod, because they always attract intensity to their lives. Two famous Storm people are Princess Diana and Yoko Ono.

Storm is associated with the direction of the West. This is because Storm people have a strong connection with the sub conscious. To the Maya, this is a connection to the Underworld. Storm people have a strong sense of intuition. They can be very psychic when necessary. Many Storm people are drawn to the study of religion, spirituality and philosophy. Other aspects of the sub conscious, namely creativity and artistic ability are also part of the Storm makeup. Some Storm people put this to use as an artist. They are also drawn to Psychology or some type of emotional healing modality. Storm people also make excellent teachers. They are good listeners and can make great counselors.

The day sign Storm feels that romantic relationship is very important in their lives. Relationship can act as an anchor to keep them on track. They fall in love quickly and deeply. Their perspective on sex is that it is a spiritual and honored experience. They are often interested in spiritually based sexual practices. They are very monogamous. They demand fidelity and can be plagued with jealousy and envy.

It is in the Storm nature to be loving, affectionate and compassionate. They are very supportive emotionally, be it to friends or family. They have great concern for the welfare of others and often do volunteer work.

Storm people are very good at details and can be good writers and teachers. They can see things from many different angles. They are curious and have a lot of interests. They are able to take someone else's ideas and improve on them. Storm people often activate or bring out the best in others. They can be easily influenced by others and need to be selective about who and what they bring into their lives.

Storm people can be plagued with addictions if they are not functioning at their highest frequency. In other areas of health, Storm people can suffer from many ailments that can become chronic illnesses if they are not treated in their early stages. This need to transform health issues can lead Storm people to be interested in different types of healing and purification including fasting and stress release techniques. Some Storm people will turn this interest in health into a career and become doctors and healers. Their emotional energy can cause them to become very empathic. In whatever area of life the Storm person chooses to receive abundance, they are usually successful and prosperous.

There is a very happy and playful side of the Storm personality. These people can be very childlike and innocent in nature. Their friendly, youthful and helpful personality makes them enjoyable to be around. The part of the body that is associated with Storm is the eyes.

If you are a Storm, Eagle, Monkey, Deer or Night, this is an empowering week for you. It is a good time to start new creative projects or to work on healing health issues. Spend time reconnecting to an existing relationship or look for a new one. Your goals in your personal life will most likely be successful if you start them within the next 13 days.

If your day sign is ruled by the direction of the South, then this is also a good week for you to work on creative and personal projects. If you are a Seed, Star, Road, Wisdom or Sun, you will get support and help with these areas of life. It is a time when you will get support from loved ones for your goals. It is also a good time to spend more time with your beloved and boost your relationship. If you are looking for love, go to art galleries and spiritual development or spiritual healing events. If being clean and sober is a goal for you, this is a good week to start that shift.

For those born into one of the day signs of the East, Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed or Earth, this is a challenging period of 13 days. You may have to do some work on your relationships. Do not press for big changes in relationship but think about strengthening existing ones. This week is not a good time to look for a new love. Events may arise where you are being forced to examine health issues. It may be a good time to do some mental house cleaning. Be careful not to overindulge in food or drink.

For the day signs ruled by the North, namely Wind, Transformer, Dog, Jaguar and Flint, this is an anything can happen week. The nature of this week for you is mystery and surprise. It may bring a new relationship or a health issue that you need to address. The important perspective to maintain for the next 13 days is that anything can happen, so don't let your mind go around in circles about issues that have not been resolved yet. Be easy and roll with any punches that may come your way this week.

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