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Mayan Week 3/7-3/19 MONKEY--The Entertainer and the Artist

Posted: March 7, 2012

Monkey, Batz, Chuen. Direction = Blue/West

As the opposite of the day sign Dog, that is easy going and calm, the day sign of Monkey is very active, quick witted and lively. Monkey people like to bounce from one situation to another, like a monkey that likes to swing from tree to tree. You could say that they are Mercurial in nature. They get bored doing the same thing all the time, so they need a great deal of variety in life to be in balance. They learn new things easily and will become frustrated with people in their lives that do not adapt to their constant flow of new ideas and activities. Monkeys are perfectionists and because they take to new situations and skills easily. They have to work at realizing that others do not take to new skills and situations as easily and quickly.

Even though the Monkey is lucky in the areas of love and money, they are a paradox when it comes to relationship. They have their social face or persona that they show to most people, but they have a very private side where they let it all hang out only to those they trust to honor their down side.

Many Monkeys become distant and hard to pin down for holidays, events and other structured situations that are part of relationship. They can become bored or restless in long relationships. It is good to keep this in mind when you are considering tying the knot with a Monkey. It is important to accept the inconsistency of the Monkey nature if you are going to be involved with one. They are usually more active at night and like the night life. Some Monkeys never commit, because they like playing the field. They have a strong desire for sex and the attention it gives them. One thing is sure: you will always be entertained when a Monkey person is in your life.

They like to be independent and are always seeking a new group to perform in front of. Monkeys are naturally drawn to positions of leadership and politics. Sometimes, the Monkeys that get into leadership positions do not have the consistency to follow through and do justice to the positions that they have achieved. Even so, they get into politics and other areas where a dramatic personality is valuable.They become more involved in community and civic affairs as they get older.

Monkey people also make good actors, artists, musicians, writers and designers. Chuen people are good communicators. They make good teachers, lecturers and salespersons. Being up in front of an audience is the ultimate achievement for a Chuen person. It is in the basic Monkey nature to imitate or reproduce what they see in the world. Many areas of art, where the hands are used, are very appealing careers to the Monkeys. They can be very good with details.

Monkeys have a great sense of humor. Sometimes this can manifest as a Monkey who likes to play a lot of practical jokes. Any area of life, where the Monkey can capture the attention of their audience, is where a Monkey person will naturally go.

These people can often be hyperactive and may have trouble staying with a project. They are very good at starting things. It will not be a surprise to people that are strongly connected to a Monkey person that they will have to help them or even take over a project that a Monkey person has started. The Monkey day sign is ruled by the West, the place of hibernation and rest. That is why it is good for a Monkey person to rest and regroup when they are feeling over stimulated or out of control. If they retreat to the quiet and darkness of the West, they will be able to regenerate and come back to their charismatic and dynamic self. It is their connection to the sub conscious that is represented by the West, which gives them their creative nature.

It is important for the Monkey person not to lose perspective and take themselves too seriously. This was the case with famous Monkey Charles Manson. Barbara Streisand and Ronald Reagan are other Monkey people who have been very successful in their lives. The parts of the body that are associated with Monkey are the hands.

This is a great week for people who have day signs that are ruled by the West: Monkey, Night, Deer, Eagle and Storm. These day signs will feel comfortable in situations where they must be in large groups. They will enjoy and benefit from taking part in social activities. It is also a good time to start artistic projects or learn some type of art practice that has been calling you. This could also be a good time to make new business contacts.

For those born into the direction of the South, Seed, Star, Road, Wisdom and Sun, this is a supportive week. If you need to be creative in business or in relationships, the Monkey day lord will assist you.You may also want to try socializing a bit more. You will find yourself very comfortable and the connections will flow. If you are interested in creative endeavors, this is a good time for you to be trying your hand at personal expression. If there is a love interest that you have not had the nerve to contact, this week will bring you the success you desire.

The East born, namely Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed and earth may find it hard going this week, as this is your challenge week. You may want to avoid social situations as you will probably not feel a comfortable and flowing as usual. It is not a good time to take up knitting or any other creative projects that involve the hands. You may not want to start new business projects as the galactic support is not with you.

For those born into the direction of the North, this is an anything-can-happen week. You may be invited to unexpected social events or connect with a new relationship. This could also be a good business week. You may find that you are better at doing art projects then you expected. Let's hope that unexpected bills don't arrive in the mail!


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