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Mayan Week 2/23-3/6 Flint--The Crusader and the healer

Posted: February 23, 2012

Flint, Tijax, Etznab. Direction = White/North

During the time of the ancient Maya, the Flint was used for many purposes. It was a finely carved instrument that was used to kill sacrificial victims and remove their beating hearts during ceremony. That is why this day sign has been associated with sacrifice. The Flint knife was used by the commoner and the priest alike to perform various types of blood sacrifice rituals. Therefore, sacrifice is associated with this day sign. Those born under this day sign have the tendency to be keepers of spiritual traditions and healers. They also make great teachers and communicators of spiritual knowledge.There are many psychics born to this day sign.

This day sign is a great fighter for a cause that they believe in. An Flint person, though often quiet, polite and self sacrificing, will fight for what they feel is important. They will take their fight as far as they can.

Their desire for knowledge that is correct and useful is why they are associated with the direction of the north that is the domain of the mind. They have a big interest in the mental arena of life. They are voracious readers and love to explore new subjects. They can become well versed and even experts in many arenas of life. They enjoy helping people solve problems. They do have a practical side. They like seeing a practical application to their ideas and interests. They are usually well coordinated, if not mechanically inclined.

Flint people are good writers and counselors. They can also be thought of as physical and emotional healers. Their flair for communication will guide them into the realms of emotional and psychological careers. The Flint was carried by the warrior but was also used by the surgeon to cut out infection or tumors. A Flint person can help you cut out physical and emotional chaos that is causing you pain.

Flint people do have their own personal tribulations. They may often suffer from struggle and hardship when they are young. This tends to give them a well seasoned exterior that many will feel is blunt and aloof. It is good for Flint people to try to soften this exterior for it holds people at a distance.

The Flint person can have an explosive temper. They will often suppress their feelings or make sacrifices to keep the peace. Then, when they can swallow no more, they spew forth a lot of negative words that could have been better expressed when the situation first came up. Addressing issues as they arise is a great challenge yet the pathway to their happiness.

Gossip is the blight upon the life of Flint person. They become involved in it and then they always seem to be blamed when the information gets to the person they are discussing. It is best for Flint people to remember that if they can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. This will keep them in balance and give them the harmony that they so greatly desire. Flint people are very at home with gatherings, alliances and love affairs. They can be the ideal friend and lover. They enjoy cooperation. They love to help others, but must do this without losing their center or sense of self. The part of the body that is connected with Flint is the mouth. That is why Flint people can be very powerful teachers, singers and even politicians. These day signs also find satisfaction in engineering, photography and the arts.

Those born under the day sign of Flint are very concerned with their work and also with their appearance. Woman born under this day sign are often very attractive or compelling in some way. Vanity is often a word that is associated with Flint people. Sophia Loren and Cher are two well known Flint women.

This Mayan week can help those ruled by the North, namely Wind, Dog, Jaguar, Transformer and Flint, step into their power. It is time to go forward with projects and put ideas and dreams into action. It is also a good time to look into that nagging back ache or cough and get some healing for those situations.

Those born under the influence of the East, the fiery Crocodile, Offering, Reed, Serpent and Earth will find that they will have support for their ideas and plans. They will get help from friends and supporters for the projects that they want to finish. It is a good time to look into making changes in your appearance or start working out and getting healthier.

Those born into the South, Seed, Road, Sun, Wisdom and Star, will find this week challenging. They may be confronted by well meaning friends that want to see them make changes or drop situations from their life that do not serve them. Be willing to listen to those who care and look at some situations that may have gotten out of hand. Pay attention to old patterns that need to be released.

For the Western born, Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle and Storm, it is important to 'go with the flow' this week. You may find yourself in some unexpected situations as the week unfolds. If you end up catching a cold, realize that the Universe wants you to get healthier, and this is the way of getting your attention. Don't deny your feelings, but find a positive way to communicate if feelings need to be expressed.


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