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MAYAN WEEK 1-28,2012-2/9,2012--Road: prosperity and sensitivity

Posted: January 28, 2012

Road, E, Eb. Direction = Yellow/South

Road people are the opposite of the agitated monkey. They are humble, relaxed and courteous.

. They like to be generous and expect little or nothing in return. Road people are like the simple plant grass. They cover the earth, are not complicated and find it easy to survive and flourish everywhere. Road people are in tune with the energy of renewal. When there has been a fire in an area, grass is the first plant to grow again. Being that they are ruled by the direction of the South, Road people like to do practical work that keeps them in touch with their body and the earth.

Road people will work hard for the sake of others. They will work tirelessly for the ones that they love. They will dedicate themselves to creating prosperity and comfort for loved ones. They are good at not wearing themselves out to achieve their desires, but will put steady effort into their goals until they manifest. They will even make great sacrifices to achieve prosperity for those who are in their personal lives. Their romantic and family life is very important to them. When a Road person makes sacrifices for others they often get their feelings hurt. They need to feel that their work for others is appreciated. If they do not get this appreciation, they can harbor feelings of resentment and anger. This is because they are very sensitive and even small things may hurt their feelings.

They can also be very opinionated and find it difficult when those that they make sacrifices for do not embrace their ideals. They are usually very easy going and it takes a lot for a Road person to express their negative feelings. If they feel appreciated and encouraged, Road people can climb to great heights.

Two examples of Road people are Hugh Heffner and Ross Periot. As you can see with Hugh Heffner, he is very successful but likes to live in an atmosphere that is quiet and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Road people can create the stage, but they usually do not like to be on it. Like most Road people, Hugh Heffner is also very sexual.

Those born under the Road day sign have a very strong spiritual side. Even though they are very practical and down to earth, they have a strong psychic sense. That is why they are very successful in careers that deal with advertising and promotion. We can see that Hugh Heffner turned a girlie magazine into a world wide promotional machine.

Even with Mr. Heffner's interest in having sex with many women, he still has tried to have relationships over the years. Road people like one on one romance but like Hugh, they also like to have large, parties with many people relating in a pleasant manner. Road people are very peaceful, kind and find that many people like to be around them, even though they do not like to seek out attention.

Road people have a close connection with fertility. They have a strong connection to the environment. They make good mid wives for they are attuned to the birth and growth process. They also make excellent parents. They usually make sure that their children have good manners, which is very important to the Road psyche. In the Mayan communities, Road people are often the tribe's healer.

Those born under the day sign of Road may be faced with many health challenges throughout their life. This often motivates them to seek out natural forms of healing. The Road born is very good at administering herbal remedies. Road people also have an interest in ancient spiritual knowledge. They like finding ancient teachings or knowledge and putting this information to good use.

As you can imagine, Road people like to travel with those they love. They are by nature curious and enjoy exploring. This gives them a natural ability in the areas where attention to details, solving problems and engineering are important.

The part of the body that is associated with Road is the stomach.

For the day signs ruled by the South, this is an empowering week for you. Seed, Star, Road, Wisdom and Sun will all be able to make great strides in business and career this next 13 days. It is also a good time to take the family or loved ones on vacation. Investing is good for you now. Investments will flourish for the South ruled if done within this week.

West day signs, namely Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle and Storm will find support from family and friends this week. You may wish to start creative or business projects that need support form others to be successful. You will also find that this is a good time to take a short break and get out in Nature. If you are dealing with health problems, this is a good time to explore herbal remedies.

The Northern day signs, Wind, Transformer, Dog, Jaguar and Flint are having a challenge week. This may be a good time to deal with family and relationship issues that have been plaguing you for awhile. This is not a good travel week for you, so take time to stay home and rejuvenate. Money issues may come to the forefront this week, but do not push to have your way. Be open to doing what is best for others.

For the fire signs, ruled by the East, it is an anything-can-happen-week. You may get some surprises that need your attention from work or on the home front. Do not be upset if you find that you need to acquiesce to unexpected situations. Be open to thinking of the needs of others first. You may get some good surprises from your work, or you might end up with a large pile of reports on your desk that need immediate attention. This is not a great travel week for you. There may be many unexpected mishaps, so only travel if necessary.

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