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Man, Have I got an Ego!!

Posted: June 21, 2009
I used to think that having an ego meant being egotistical or vain.  What I am learning in my wonderful journey back to God, is that having too much ego really doesn't have anything to do with being vain or full of yourself really.

The ego is what I call the physical part of ourselves.  Our true selves being our essence, or spiritual aspect.  So, if you study the true teachings of Jesus, you will discover that we are not our bodies.  Our bodies are only the vehicle in which keeps us in the physical world, or in your physical illusion.

So, if you are allowing your ego to control your life then you are blocking yourself from opportunities that may come along which will benefit you greatly; you can't see them or are not open to them because the ego has to be in control and doesn't want you to remember that you (your spirit self) is much more powerful than the ego.

If you are really interested in returning to your true essence and experiencing all the joy, abundance, and love that you could ever possibly image then really give some thought to the who is in control.

Take a good look at what is not working in your life.  Who is in control?  You or your ego?

Love and light
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