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Love you to death!

Posted: August 12, 2009

Ever thought about some of the sayings we say to each other. How about Love you to death? You make me sick! You are doing that to me again? ...Etc, Etc, Etc!!! That Love you to death is very powerful, but it never felt right to me, without wronging the phrase. How about we begin to change some of these words and phrases that we so readily say to each other without consideration of the power or the 'taking away power' these words have in their collective consciousness. Perhaps consider saying phrases...'I love you to life'. You make me feel so good (instead of sick) I love being with you...instead of...'you are doing that to me again.

The phrases you speak can immediately drain you of your energy and you, most of the time without realizing it (realize with real eyes) that you are not only giving your energy away as your power, but you are forcing the other person or persons to take it, which makes them resentful...or full of resentment. Not a pretty picture!

So be aware of the phrases, language and words you speak to your Self and to others. Make sure they mean what you are saying. And remember no one can do anything to you unless you allow it. So when they are 'doing' great tell them. It makes you feel great. And when they are 'doing' the not so great, remember it is about them, not you.

Very freeing when you know what you are saying and you understand without judgment what the other person or persons are saying. Start loving someone to life and see the difference in their participation with you. You participant more positive and so will the others!

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