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Love Is All Around Us

Posted: September 11, 2012


Someone close to me recently called me a peaceful warrior. Truth be told, I am a crusader for love and peace. I don't believe in brutality. I don't subscribe to dictatorship. I don't participate in forceful control over another. I believe in encouragement. I believe in leading by example. I believe we MUST…. absolutely MUST stand solid and strong in the face of the harsh winds of adversity. We must be the equal and opposite reaction to such mechanisms of the ego.

So, as an advocate for love, I strive to uncover it wherever it may be waiting to be discovered. This creates a challenge at times. It seems as though we leave parts of ourselves with all those we touch and those who have touched us. At times it can feel like we have fragmented ourselves into so many parts expanding away from our core. But the reality is, if we can get over the idea of separation in general and see all of it as an expansion of self...or even better, that in all those we touch we are gifted, even for just a moment, the opportunity to see ourselves in the countless beings who cross our paths that walk this Earthly plane, well, we have the opportunity to touch the source in some way. We are gifted the realization that we are not so separate from one another. Fear is limiting and force is dividing. Love is infinite. It unites and supports.
Stand strong and be open to share yourself with others freely... allow them into your heart in the face of the fear of being hurt or adversely affected in exchange for the possibility that they have something to teach. Something that will benefit you by learning. Free yourself and face the glowing light. Open your wings and allow those feathers to feel the warmth.

Be bold in your leadership. Do your part to blaze a trail onto new ground that has yet to materialize for humanity. See through the shroud of mist and make the unknown known.

For me, personally, I too have had to face this fear and at times still do. But I can feel the warmth when I walk toward this truth. It is an inviting, welcoming, and compassionate warmth.

It isn't a matter of 'love me and I will love you back'. It is a matter of just loving with no need for reciprocation. There need not be an exchange. Barter is for societal concerns. What I speak of here transcends such limiting belief systems. This is true to why we are here. It is, in my opinion, our purpose for being here. I believe if we live with purpose we will discover love surrounds us.

I have learned to stand tall. Walk beside me and allow love and peace to prevail.

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