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Love, for the simple truth that nothing else matters.

Posted: July 7, 2011

A conversation:

Would it scare you if I told you that I sense that the second coming of Christ may very well be within each of us through a spiritual awakening? That I believe that we have a oneness with God now and always will but, maybe we just don't realize it? That heaven could be realized right here on Mother Earth? That love is the way simply by wholeheartedly being now, right here, what you believe God to be? Forgiving, nonjudgmental, unconditionally loving.... and that if we were purely this way, we may cease to physically exist because we would vibrate so high that we would transcend the physical and be nothing but the pure loving light of God?

Maybe the concept of 'Jesus' , whether metaphorical or actual, was simply a demonstration of this to each of us... that we have the power within us to be as selfless and all-loving.

Many of us experience hell right here on Earth. Our own hell, but no matter what happens, I believe God forgives for seemingly 'ungodly' acts, for we do not know who we truly are.

It is time to reconnect to that which is our right. Find awe for all that surrounds you, no matter if it is seemingly good or bad. Love for the simple truth that nothing else matters.

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