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Losing someone you love

Posted: July 18, 2009

PhotoI'm always grateful to be of service, especially when someone's going through a difficult time like the death of a loved one -- and recently my friend Eric lost both his brother and nephew on the same day.

Their private plane had taken off immediately following their family reunion -- which had included a visit to their family grave plot (!!) -- only to do a nosedive right after leaving the runway. They both died instantly.

This morning I sent Eric his Numerology report and told him I'll be happy to provide complimentary reports for any other members of his family if he feels it might help in some way.

I've had many friends and clients tell me over the years that viewing similar situations through the eyes of Numerology helped them find the comfort and understanding they so desperately needed to get through it all. And I can't begin to tell you how much it's helped me personally.

For instance, it's no coincidence that 2009 is a 9 Personal Year for Eric. A 9 Personal Year is always a concluding chapter in our lives, followed by a 1 Year which represents new beginnings on every level.


The challenge in a 9 Year is to remain in gratitude for everything, trusting that it's all part of a higher plan and the perfect preparation for the work we're here to do on this planet. Eric's report goes into extensive detail about this and much, much more. I hope he will find it helpful in some way.

I'm not in a 9 Year right now myself, but Eric's painful loss is serving to remind me that my personal challenges are no doubt transforming me in ways I can't begin to imagine.

My heart is certainly opening wider.

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