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Learning the Mysteries of Time and Space

Posted: July 27, 2009
PhotoThis morning I awoke suddenly. The moment I awoke the words 'The only real love is the love of Self.' appeared to me. As I laid there in the twilight of the early morning with my eyes closed, strange images seemed to appear. Not like a thought of images, not like a dream, but almost silhouetted images or a negative image like one would see if they looked at a shape for too long and then looked away and the image still appeared in their vision. The images flashed before my eyes on the inside of my eyelids. The first, of a human being with his arms stretched out wide. I could only see down to his torso. His head was dropped with his chin to his chest. Maybe a depiction of Jesus? Maybe a particular yoga stance or position for another purpose? Another image showed the legs of an individual running with running shoes on. Just the legs and feet appeared. Motion? Transportation? Escape? And many others appeared. Random images but were they? Words began to flow. Words that seem to have no meaning but do they? Talency Subject, Innertransportational Methods, Luminent Radiance, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, and Secular Motion. Interesting phrases and terms. What do they mean? Why was I receiving them?

Tossing and turning in the bed these words continued to appear. I turned and looked at the clock. It was 5:11. The words kept coming. I didn't want to forget what I was experiencing so I got up and walked to my desk and jotted them down. It was dark. I couldn't even see what I was writing or even if I was writing on a clean sheet of paper. I grabbed anything. With paper and pencil in hand I walked back to my bed and placed the paper on the nightstand beside me. I laid back down to see what else I could receive. Again the words flowed… Radiant Illumination, mastering methods, Interpersonal Transportation, seek and find, Mitochondrial dust storm, clear the way, mind opening sequences, motionless energy, why are you here? mission critical, romancing the stone.

I again look at the clock, it was 5:20 now. I was starving. At this point I got up, grabbed my laptop and went into the kitchen. I poured a bowl of cereal and stood in the dim glow of the hood light of the stove. As I thought about what I had experienced I began to consider that maybe I should write about it. I glanced up and looked across the room. The clock on the cable box read 5:11. Apparently my bedroom clock is fast. As I finished my breakfast and placed the bowl in the sink and started up my computer to sit down and write I again looked at the clock, 5:20. What a strange experience. It was almost as if I've been replaying time. I opened Word and began to write.

Most of these things, though I must admit seem in line with many of the interests I have in this reality, are not really terms I have given a great deal if attention to or even thought of before in any detail. In fact, I have no idea as I write this if some of them have a meaning at all. Maybe I should consult a friend? Would they think I am making it up? Would they think I am asking them loaded questions?

As I sit here at the kitchen table, the morning sky is making itself known. It is another beautiful morning here in the Desert Southwest. There is a brilliant light blue sky as far as I can see. I wonder, as I sit here questioning my reality, if I have been given a glimpse into terminology to research. I question if my creative mind is just toying with my heart. It is in these types of moments of life that we should really pay attention. I could have easily made no real attempt to remember what I experienced. I was, after all, in almost a state of lucid dream when I awoke. I was aware but not totally coherent. In fact the first words about real love were almost a fleeting thought. It wasn't until later when I grabbed the paper and pencil and had been writing what was coming to mind in the moment that I recalled the initial phrase that appeared to me.

What is it that is happening to many of us? How is it that every time I look at the clock I am seeing 11? Now, I already have my own perspective about 11:11. After all, I have been seeing them for a few years now and those numbers being seen by everyone in my home including my wife and my children certainly sparked an interest to Carrie and me. I think it could be said that seeing 11s are what initially sparked us to research so many of the subjects you can read on this website and our decision to put the information into a website now called Token Rock. Frankly, as a result, led to me writing this blog at this very moment. But why? What are we here for that includes those numbers? I have my hunch. I do, after all, have extensive discussions about this type of material with many of our contributors. Carrie Anne and I Skype for hours with people from all over the world discussing philosophical and scientific perspectives.

In any case, these terms are what I shall spend a few hours this morning researching. Maybe I will find some things. Maybe not. I have a feeling I will find more rather than less. I will discover new things. Obviously some of the terms do exist. We have a few on this site.

Write my friends. WRITE! Don't dismiss thoughts that beg questions. Embrace them and seek the answers. They must be there. Seeing 11 isn't just a fluke. It has to mean something not just 'out there' but inside yourself. If you see them you know what I am feeling. If you don't you will soon.

Practice my friends. PRACTICE! Don't dismiss the opportunity to learn. Expand your mind. Do not limit it to what you have been told over and over again as you have grown into who you are now.

As the latter half of one of my own poems reads…

… Look no further than the wrinkled mind,
And be open and aware of what you may find.

It is here these things lay
Collecting dust day after day.

And in a startling quiver
They strangely appear in the rush of a shiver.

When this day comes, do not pretend
Or expect an uneventful end.

For those who look them face to face
Will learn the mysteries of time and space.

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RE: Learning the Mysteries of Time and Space
By: gtarrant - July 28, 2009 10:22 AM MST
Since loving someone is to know someone and enjoy those values or traits that you know.. this "The only real love is the love of Self", sounds like "Know thyself".

I am still trying to figure out the Synchronicities as well with the times on the clock. The 71 minute intervals of 1:11, I see all the time. More than just a crazy coincidence I say. It appears that at those moments we uncover truths about the universe and/or ourselves (is there a difference?).

My mind usually flashes with ideas in the realm of physics and quantum mechanics as I guess that is what I truly desire to understand. I usually have brainstorm moments where I discover a new attribute or idea to a design I have been focusing on.

You are right.. embrace those moments.. they are inspiration and intuition telling us something.
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