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Posted: June 28, 2010

There are those who know in an instant. They can see the entire picture and concept in a twinkling of the eye. But, it stops there because it is, mostly, for their own edification.

Then there are those who are willing to decelerate their own progress enough to translate what they know for others because they want to uplift all. So All can choose.

The two ways of being are neither right nor wrong. Both are needed. Bouncing across the Universe from one end to the other from knowing through having learned in the most arduous manner is one way of being. Or, basking in blissful joy (nirvana) for eternity and teaching from that perspective is another. Those who choose this, however, may forfeit rich experiences. They are the Teachers, who happily stay on that rung as long as it will hold them.

The trick for those who project throughout the Universe is to feel comfortable doing so, taking their joy with them wherever they go. For to do this, they must survive sorrow. They must endure loneliness as going from one place to another requires solitariness by necessity. So, they joyfully endure loneliness, finding beauty and making beauty wherever possible. They are the Fixers. They learn to move or act when it is right to do so. Those, who do not know the process, say that those who have learned are following their instincts.


The Gulf needs to have Light and good thoughts right now, not to succumb to self-fulfilling prophesy. The current damage and the worst case scenarios are a big deal.

'If those, who are supposed to be the best of us, do not do what is right, the world will die.' This was said to me over two decades ago. I instantaneously wept from soul recognition. Nevertheless, I did not see the immediacy in it then.

Real prophesies need no manipulation to manifest. In fact they come when genuine efforts to avert them fail. All good 'gods' work toward positiveness, not destructiveness.

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