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Juno in Pisces: Relationships are Transforming!

Posted: January 22, 2014

the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment is in pisces now (as of new year's eve) and she is undergoing many powerful transits this week and next week which are helping to transform and evolve relationships and contractual arrangements of all kinds.

juno in pisces tends to be idealistic and romantic. this is the placement where one yearns for her Soulmate and wants to merge with the Divine. it's a very sweet placement but it can also tend to codependent and enabling relationships, denial and avoidance of reality, and playing the victim or savior in relationships. well this week and next week the uranus/pluto square activates juno, as does chiron the wounded healer and jupiter. with so much activity, juno is undergoing some major work and the possibility of finding a better relationship with the piscean romantic ideals are possible right now!

on monday 1/20 uranus semisextiled juno, on saturday 1/25 chiron aligns with juno and on monday 1/27 pluto sextiles juno. with the uranus/pluto square aspects been 'easy' we have the energy of transformation, growth and breakthrough supporting our relationships and commitments right now. the juno/chiron energy is potentially the heaviest- as chiron makes us face all our old wounds and pain around worth and lovability, and with pisces involved we also need to face our projections and fantasies. yet the positive implications of chiron/juno are the possibilities for deep healing, consciousness and shift in relationships of all kinds.

on tuesday 1/28 jupiter trines juno and in february jupiter trines juno again and so does saturn. the Grand Water trine formed between juno and the two teacher planets is highly beneficial and wonderful for emotional healing, growth and stability.

we are essentially in a period of time right now where relationships can be our greatest teachers and where seeing reality as well as possibility needs to be balanced- from that place we can generate a new level playing field upon which our relationships navigate. this is also great for coming into a new level of intimacy and vulnerability that is balanced with strength and wisdom. we don't have to play the martyr or victim- because we don't need to save anyone or be saved by anyone.

take time in the coming months to see what you can do to transform and evolve in all of your relationships! personal, professional, familial and otherwise! and don't forget that most important relationship with yourSelf ;) outer work is worthless if inner work is not also being done. since all relationships are but reflections of the One Within- starting from the Source is highly recommended :)

blessings on your journey…

~divine harmony

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