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Jaguar--7/28-8/9/2012 Magic, Nature and Healing

Posted: July 27, 2012

Jaguar Jaguar, IX. Direction = White/North.

In the way that a Reed person likes to be a public figure and out among the people, those born under the Jaguar day sign tend to be secretive and like to hide in the cover of the night. The Jaguar born is good at professions that thrive on secrecy such as security work or investigations. They are patient as they wait for the information that they are seeking for themselves or others. Jaguar people are in touch with the underworld. They are one of the day signs that can travel to the underworld and come back with the riches stored there. Jaguars are often very good at making money.

Jaguar is ruled by the North, the direction of knowledge. Many Jaguars are very intelligent and well educated. They can become very powerful educators, writers, therapists and spiritual counselors. They are also great investigators. When the Jaguar sets their mind on a goal, they find it easy to manifest it. This is because they have a good sense of strategy and are excellent planners. They have great imaginations and a very artistically creative side. This expression of creativity may also stimulate their extravagant, indulgent side.

Jaguars usually are the shamans and healers of their Mayan tribe. They have the knowledge of the plant medicine. Their filtration withthe night makes Jaguar a great emissary to the underworld. Jaguar is able to journey to the underworld to fight on behalf of a client for pieces of their soul which is called Soul Retrieval in shamanic cultures.

Jaguar people are very skilled at using herbs and aromatherapy. Those born under the day sign of Jaguar are often the Day Keepers or the people that keep track of the count of the Tzolkin. Most Jaguars find it easy to become a priest, minister or other spiritual icon. Worship, devotion to the divine, ritual and ceremony are very important to them. Many make ceremony and ritual part of their daily life. They often hold the space for others to experience ceremony and ritual even if they are not leading it. The Jaguar born is very at home with spiritual or shamanic practices and feels they have a calling to perpetuate this knowledge. To the ancient Maya, the Jaguar priests were thought of as special and sacred members of their community.

Jaguar people are brave, courageous, forceful, and proud. They also possess great endurance. The Jaguar is one of the animals that is able to see in the dark and hunts at night. This is why they can perceive what may not be apparent to others. Therefore, Jaguar people are often very psychic. Even if they do not profess to be psychics, Jaguar people are able to receive information for others through their impressions or through dreams.

The Jaguar born is not usually a leader or seeker of attention. Just the opposite, they need to be hidden or at least not noticeable. They like to support their community and will help others, but do not like to be the center of attention. They often become an anonymous benefactor that asks for nothing in return. A famous Jaguar was Richard Nixon. We all know that he had a lot of hidden secrets! The parts of the body that is associated with Jaguar are the feet.

Other qualities of the Jaguar born include a quick temper and a bit of vanity. They also like competition. As you can tell from these descriptions, Jaguars have a magical side that is very inviting to children. If they have children, they understand their world and make good parents.

For the day signs ruled by the North, this is your power week. You can make magic happen in areas of finance and family. Look into Shamanic studies. For those born into signs governed by the East, this can also be a great week to get healing and connect with the earth. The day signs ruled by the South will have to be careful not to step on anyone's toes. Tread softly like the Jaguar. Don't push for a raise this week. The day signs ruled by the West may have some surprise benefits coming or may feel the need to seek out natural healing remedies.

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