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It's Going to be OK!

Posted: June 24, 2010

Life really seems to be hard sometimes. We think we are making steps in the right direction and then all of a sudden you feel like you have lost your way. What is that all about?

We are all in the awakening process. This process can start in different ways, like perhaps you were at the bookstore and a Photocertain book just pops out at you or it literally just falls off the shelf in front of you. Maybe a friend gifted you with a book. You start reading it and then you become hungry to read every spiritual book out there. Suddenly, you are feeling 'spiritual' your life is different. You truly feel like you are on a journey. Then, your life starts to fall apart.

What the heck?

You are in the next phase of awakening. You have begun the destructuring phase. Just when you thought you discovered who you are, it all comes crumbling down. And you are left feeling so confused and so alone.

You've talked to all your friends and family about how spiritual you have become and all of a sudden, you lose your job, your health deteriorates, your relationships fall apart, and now you have nothing.

You are destructuring! Well, what does that mean?

It means that all of your belief systems and values start to shift and change. Nothing makes sense anymore. You become, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually unbalanced. You feel like you are literally going crazy.

All the different aspects of you are wanting to come back now, they want their turn. They want to know if it is time for them to take control or possibly is it time to 'go home'. They are very curious and they know something is going they are back. This is a very delicate time in the awakening process.

This is very tough, this is the death of self. This self has been very carefully designed and manipulated by pros for lifetimes. And now it is changing. You can't go back. You have to go through it.

Now you start to meld all this together. You start to have moments of clarity, or you may have a creative burst. Suddenly you see the beauty in things you have never seen before. You are starting to truly understand that you are a divine being. You are starting to feel your self. That lost love. The 'I am that I am'.

It is all about the ascention process. It is going to be okay. You should embrace that and never doubt yourself. It is going to be okay.

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