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If You Love Them, Set Them Free

Posted: June 23, 2009
PhotoI have never understood the affinity some people have to keeping birds as pets.  Aside from the typical household pets that roam our homes, birds have a unique quality about them for which each of us could only dream of possessing, and of course that is their ability to fly. I understand the desire to be granted access to the songs birds sing. Their tunes are one of the premier melodies that encompass nature’s music. But to be a bird is to soar across the sky, dive and ascend to new heights. To keep a bird as a pet is to clip it’s wings or to capture and cage it.

Now, I’m not saying that the domestication of birds is any more or less sensible than keeping any other household pet. I have a dog I love very much. But I haven’t limited my dog from doing what nature intended for it at it’s fundamental physical form level. My dog belongs to a pack and she is free to leave if she wishes, but she stays. Birds are just meant to fly.

I would presume that pondering the caging of birds has been as a result of a recent personal challenge I experienced. It is easy to translate this concept to human life. All too often we allow our ego’s to step in the way of allowing free will. Our egos are fearful of the outcome that may result from allowing ourselves to be released from special relationships.  The saying goes, “If you love them, set them free.”

I had a very challenging experience recently in my life that required I do just that. Though I am not a very controlling personality type, I was challenged to face my fears that I would lose someone who I deeply cherish in my life. I finally made the decision that I would have to accept the outcome either way it unfolded. Accepting this allowed me to become the observer of my realty giving me the ability to turn the key to the cage and allow the beautiful bird to take flight, soar high into the clouds and bask it’s wings under the warm golden rays of the sun.

It wasn’t long before this beautiful being returned home with open arms and a deep appreciation for my understanding and compassion. We each are on a path and along that path we come together, intersect, and sometimes depart. These are the challenges we face in life that give life its meaning. Moments that test the essence of our being, giving us experiences to forgive and release.

If you love them, set them free. This I did, and returned home to me was an individual who in her own reality has acquired a deep sense of peace and love.

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