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I Seem to Say Hell A Lot!!

Posted: July 15, 2009
I see a pattern emerging with the word Hell in my blogs, so let's talk about Hell.
Do you believe in hell? I said for many years that I did not believe in hell. I never believed that our all loving God would not accept me into heaven if I was not perfect. That was an issue that really bothered me growing up. So, if that was my strong belief then there could not be a hell.

We grew up going to Baptist church. Now, I am not knocking church because if that is where you find peace, that is a good thing. But the teachings I was getting there never resenated with me.

I started looking into this heaven and hell thing a little closer. Heaven to me is being in a place that is so beautiful, loving, and free. For me, I will call it with God; being back home with God.

Ok, then what is this place I am in right now? I believe that this illusion with which I exist as a spiritual being having a human experience, is hell. I am hear to learn how to return home.
Thank God for Gary Renard. I read the Course of Miracles 20 years ago. I didn't quite get it then. I did practice some of the teachings; especially about unconditional love. I always seemed to be able to see the good in people so now I was learning to love them for all their flaws. And then learning forgiveness. Those of you that are practicing unconditional love and forgiveness, which also includes non-judgement, know how challenging it can be.

I say thank God for Gary Renard because he has written such a wonderful series of books that bring great clarity to the Course of Miracles. I wish he had written them 20 years ago.

None of this explains why I use the word hell alot, but I thought a chat about hell was a good idea anyway.
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