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How I Almost Went Into the White Light

Posted: January 1, 2011

Since my father passed away in September I've gotten into the habit of having a conversation with him each night before I go to sleep. After keeping him up to date on what's going on in the family, I usually end by asking the same thing, 'Show me what it was like to cross over. I want to see what you saw and feel what you experienced.'

The evening of my father's death a dear friend and fellow medium, Andrea Attack, had spoken to my father and he told her that his crossing over had been a 'fantastic ride.' Once I heard that - and that he was doing fine, among other messages, I was so relieved, but I wanted to know more about what he'd experienced. So, ever since I've been asking him, if possible, please show me.

This one night I had my usual conversation with my father and closed by asking him to show me what it was like to cross over. I then said goodnight and shut my eyes. No sooner had I closed my eyes when I saw this unbelievably bright green phosphorescent light swirling and curving in an undulating wave across my eyelids. Then another light came in from the other direction, but this time it was a phosphorescent pink and it too was arching and rolling around into a spiral. After that came another light that was golden and it too curved around into a spiral. After this there were two other swirls of light that came in one purple and the other blue. They reminded me of photos I'd seen of the Northern Lights in Alaska.

I became aware that I was hearing a buzzing, whirring or rushing sound as if I were flying in open aircraft and it also seemed to me that I was seeing right through my eyelids. The room was no longer there and it appeared that I was somewhere out in the blackness of space. I also felt that I was no longer in my body. I was only aware of what I was seeing and of a pulling sensation and rushing sound.

At this point the lights all flowed together and curved into a telescope shape that extended into space. I realized it was a tunnel. It seemed as if I'd been watching this all happen from a great distance but once the lights formed into this tunnel I started moving toward it, or rather was pulled toward it, at an incredible speed. I'd lost all awareness of my body. I was getting closer and closer and closer when I was stopped short at the mouth of the tunnel. At the moment I arrived at the entrance to the tunnel it dawned on me that I couldn't go any further - and in that moment I was flung back down and back into my body.

Everything disappeared in an instant. I could no longer see the lights or the tunnel. They were gone. I opened my eyes and realized my heart was pounding and that I was breathing very quickly. Even though I was ecstatic that my Dad had shown me what his crossing over had been like, in all honesty I wished I could have gone through the tunnel.

Thanks for the fantastic ride Dad.

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RE: How I Almost Went Into the White Light
By: BarbaraF - January 1, 2011 03:47 PM MST
Angela, I loved your description. Thank you for sharing it. About a decade ago, I had a very similar experience. It was a ride, is the perfect term. I figured, though, that what people think of as a tunnel is more like the Star Trek Warp Speed affect and only looks like a tunnel. My entire consciousness went with me. When I returned or more like slammed back into my body feeling the wind slap against my body, my cat Cleo was looking at me as though startled and got up from being on my legs and laid across my arm as though to keep me from going anywhere. When I realized she saw something or knew something and that it wasn't a normal out-of-body or merely dream or imagination I broke out in euphoric laughter. It was a RIDE!
RE: How I Almost Went Into the White Light
By: Angela Artemis - January 2, 2011 08:35 PM MST
Hi Barbara,
I'm so glad you enjoyed the description.
I like your idea regarding the Warp Speed effect. I'm a huge Star Trek fan myself. Maybe it's more like a "wormhole?" We think, as you say, we're going into a tunnel, but really we're going through a wormhole to an entirely new dimension and universe?
I've experienced that "slamming" back into your body reaction. It's quite a start, isn't it?
I think animals are able to perceive so much more than we can.
I'm glad someone else has had this experience - that's very validating for me.
Thank you so much for sharing Barbara!
RE: How I Almost Went Into the White Light
By: BarbaraF - January 3, 2011 10:41 AM MST
Hi Angela,
Yes, I think you are right about the different dimensions. I'm skeptical of the infinite alternate reality theory as things could be very fractured otherwise. As screwy as the world seems sometimes, evolving as it does, it isn't that screwy and even Mother Nature has to have reasonable days. ;-) I went into that on an earlier blog. I can't remember which one. I think theoretical phycists my be stretching to understand their vivid dreams where they may go to other dimensions. Yes, the Ride was a hoot. I liked your description of ride as when it happened, I thought of a roller coaster ride immediately. I could feel the atmosphere against my body.

All the best, Barbara
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