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Having a life that is happy and worthwhile!

Posted: August 14, 2009

It is our right as spiritual beings to be successful. The spirit is not expressing itself if it is not. Spirit is substance…God is spirit….and substance is supply. There isn't any reason that we should lack for anything that makes this life on earth more worthwhile. Unless…of course…you are running a program of lack, limitation, unworthiness, etc.

You have to truly understand that as a spiritual being, you can't possibly lack for anything. Anything Divine (which would be you) cannot lack for anything. So if you are frustrated with where you are in life right now, feeling like you are not living a worthwhile life, then maybe you should take a good look at what thoughts are going through your head.

Do you have doubts, feelings of uncertainty, or limitation? Do you fear how you will pay your bills? You must erase these thoughts from your mind. Remember, it is about cause and effect. If you are always having these thoughts, then the Universe has no choice but to cause that effect. It is the Universal Law.

You should spend time everyday re-training your thought processes. Be conscious about what you are saying to yourself. Instead of having these thoughts of limitation, doubt, fear, uncertainty, or even guilt; turn them around to something like this:

I always have an abundance of money. I always have whatever it takes to make my life happy and magnificent. The Universe completely takes care of all my needs. There is a continuous flow of supply, money and all that I need to have the fullest, happiest and most worthwhile life.

It isn't just enough to say the words. You have to know this to be true. Train your mind to know it. Take a few minutes a couple of times a day to say these words and feel them become a part of you and then thank the Universe, God, Holy Spirit (whatever you choose to call it) for taking complete care of you. Then trust and know that it is done.

Every time during the day that you catch yourself having a negative thought…immediately correct it.

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