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Erasing Old Tapes

Posted: May 28, 2010

Number Five (5) in the method of No Nonsense Numerology - THE CODE is about erasing old psychological tapes to have (New) beginnings. According to a medical dictionary, when a cyst or boil is on the head, the term (Wen) more often applies than when it is elsewhere on the body. A (Wen) in this context is symbolic of emotional and psychological disturbances. Interestingly, both word patterns (New) and (Wen) are direct spellings of the (new) (wen) tiers beneath Number Five (5).

Erasing old tapes seems like a simple thing to do. Quite the contrary. It is not always so easy. Hanging onto old psychological tapes can be comforting to us if we become locked in misery, afraid of opening the door to light-hearted happiness if we feel undeserving. Hanging onto old tapes, however, can cause all sorts of problems compounding the original angst. We have to be willing to let them go, but first we must be aware of them. Life can teach what we need to learn, if we are willing to keep our eyes open and not get locked into dogmas.

Number Four (4) in No Nonsense Numerology - THE CODE points out that we need to rid ourselves of angst and anger, by being (Moved) to change so that we are (Made Victorious) over animus. If we do not achieve this in Number Four (4), the (Wen) tier of Number Five (5) becomes the theoretical next step on the ladder because we have not released sour feelings.

Numbers One (1) through Nine (9) show a natural progression of psychological twists and turns of the human psyche. They begin with the (Jackass) who, if taking the positive road, returns full circle to become the (Sage). If taking the negative road, the numbers show how to return to the positive, e.g., by being (Moved) to change by various means.

For example, some Fours (4) can feel (Victory Doomed) with defeatism until recognizing, why they take the unrewarding roads of life, and then making positive changes to achieve more desirable outcomes. Taking a good attitude if we do not achieve our desires, however, may be more important in the end. The adage, 'It isn't if we, win or lose, it's how we play the game,' comes to mind because only one celebrity gets the mirror ball trophy every year. Taking good attitudes when we lose heartfelt desires helps keep our Life Forces healthier than when heartbreaking disappointment pushes us off the edge. Losing gracefully may be the real lesson.

When playing our old tapes, e.g., he or she did this or that, causing distress, sometimes we act out in subconscious ways to punish the original perpetrators because we never confronted them. Punishing others may be an unconscious way of getting even with the original perpetrators without having to face them. This does not seem very logical, but the subconscious is operating below the level of conscious awareness. In other words, it is hidden from the conscious mind.

This brings up a question of responsibility. Are individuals responsible for acts committed, unconsciously? The law says they are responsible. Legal punishment is one way of bringing subconscious negative character traits to the conscious mind. Nevertheless, how could we not know our own personalities? Living in denial is one way to survive, but, not in the end.

What if time, however, removes offenses so far from current lives that no conscious memories exist, and anger is lodged deep in subconscious memories from prior lives? Could these individual become hardcore criminals or serial killers from past life circumstances when coming from loving homes in current lives? If this could be possible, psychiatrists who practice past life regressions do humanity a service if they can untwist such tangled knots.

When offenses are from current lives and we are aware of them, it takes a conscious effort to remember that whoever hurt us in the past has nothing to do with our present. Knowing this helps remove us from prior hurtful situations so that we can get on with life. This way, we will not take our troubles out on others that will only compound them. Many ways exist for us to step back from angry situations. Counting to ten is one way. Deep breathing along with sounding the soundless sound of 'om' and 'aum,' said to be sacred mantras and the sounds in all things, lifts our vibrations and helps block any negative influence.

I made friends with my auto mechanic's family and they invited me to dinner. The topic of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) suffered by Vietnam Veterans came up. Twenty years after the end of the Vietnam War tears welled in his eyes. He said, 'You never forget.' I knew he had seen terrible things. I could see them in his eyes. We can only imagine having horrendous memories that resurface at a moment's notice and remain until death. Some memories are not easy to resolve, and they are not always of what was done to us, but that we did to others.

Traumas like those may be ones that we should never forget if they burnish us like brass, making us more sensitive to the suffering of others. Perhaps, we become moved by those in dire circumstances that we might otherwise ignore, becoming champions of the downtrodden. The more experiences we (Adjust) to, the more help we can give others. Feckless and fallible parables and platitudes do not bind us because we feel genuine empathy for the anguish of others.

Most of us could only imagine going over to a dark side because of having to kill in war when holding religious convictions that will doom us to burn for eternity. We might feel that no hope of salvation exists. If these convictions give us no expectations for a better outcome at the end of life, we might: change philosophies, make up for transgressions, or become so hardened that we bury ourselves beneath continued callous and corrupt actions.

Beliefs do not create our vibrations. Our actions do.

... stay tuned ...

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