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Eagle week 6/19-7/2 The Big Picture and the Details

Posted: June 17, 2012

Eagle, Tz'kin, Men. Direction = Blue/West

The day sign Eagle is a very powerful one to the Maya, as well as many other indigenous traditions. The Eagle is an escapist. They like to soar above and way from much of humanity. That is why they have a connection to the West. They are often in tune with what many others cannot see or know. It is not uncommon for Eagle people to be though of as advisors for their quest for truth and knowledge is often a life long pursuit.

The Eagle has a unique presence that can be dramatic and other worldly. Even though they are very friendly and well liked, they can be shy and very private about their personal life.

The paradox here is that Eagles are very social and are usually popular and have many friends. Eagle people are often leaders. Many see them as proud and courageous. They are also clever and honest. The bravado of their personality can bring adoration and even hero worship. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an Eagle who saw great possibilities for the United States and the world. Like JFK, Eagles do like to bend the rules when they feel it is necessary.

Eagles have a perspective that those tied to the ground do not have. It is not unusual for an Eagle person to have ideas or projects that are way ahead of their time. They are best when they are free to soar above the rest of the world. They can see potentials that most of us are not aware of. This is why Eagle people are often wealthy and successful. They are able to attune to future financial potentials and use them.

Even though Eagle people are able to see the big picture better them most, they are also very detailed oriented. The eagle is able to see its dinner walking around on the ground when it is far up in the sky. They have perfectionist tendencies. They can be very precise teachers, writers and communicators. They make excellent architects and engineers. They also make excellent inventors. They can develop products that society does not even know it needs yet.

Those born under the day sign of Eagle also have a strong warrior spirit. They will fight for a cause that they feel is right. They are not interested in competition, however. They like to avoid confrontation and competition, but when it is necessary to compete, they become very focused on winning and achieving their goals. It is not good for an Eagle person to become too fixated on any particular person, place or object. Tunnel vision is the bane of their lives. Eagles do best when they are their own bosses.

Eagle people do not do well in close relationships. Eagles usually have their own set of rules and standards that work for them which may be opposed to the ideals of their society. This can make for unusual, open relationships with those with whom they are close. They feel that they need to be free to be at their best and experience the great wonders of life .Eagles can be world travelers, for they love to be free to explore the world. The part of the body that is ruled by the day sign Eagle is also the hands.

During this week, it is good to make an effort to see the big picture of your life. Look at some long range planning for your future. It is also a time to pay attention to the details that you might not have been able to attend to during the busy Wind week. Eagle has the ability to see the forest and the trees.

It is a power week for the West day signs. As with the other blue day signs, the blue day signs can use this week to soar through their sub conscious and see what is lurking there. The blue day signs are often intuitive, because they are at home in the underworld, where the sub conscious resides .The South day signs will find that they are able to make some long range plans this week that they will be able to carry out in the weeks and years to come. It is good for the earth bound yellow day signs to seek a higher purpose and the ways to manifest it. Those born under the East day signs are going to be having some challenges seeing the big picture. Try not to get bogged down in your emotions and look to expand your horizons. The North day signs will be getting some surprises when they examine their long range plans. There may be changes about their goals that they did not expect or plan for.


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