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Divine Music to My Ears

Posted: January 16, 2013


It's been over a year now since my book 'Rediscovering Your Divine Music' was first published. I am truly delighted with the warm response I have received from the many readers around the world who have turned its pages. As with Token Rock, the purpose for writing and releasing the material was to subjectively introduce concepts of the spiritual realm to a broader, mainstream audience that may have had limited exposure to such philosophical pondering. My desire was, and continues to be, to manifest a widespread shift, an awakening if you will, to a consciously responsible, more caring, considerate, and compassionate humanity. I believe that we are all innocent loving beings, each with our own path designed to provide experiences of self discovery. Clearly though, we are subject to a variety of influences along the way that tempt us to think and act from the selfish ego rather than for the greater good of the collective. From my perspective, no action is unforgivable and I believe each of us should be compassionate enough to allow for those around us to gain wisdom in their own time through experience no matter how challenging and damaging those experiences may 'seemingly' be.

For me, it made perfect sense that the bridge between the less conscious, more selfish ego existence and the more conscious and compassionate collective wisdom would be our connection to Nature. After all, my submersion alone into wilderness had been where I had made the greatest advances in my understanding of the often elusive truths of my reality. So, I proceeded to build on the philosophy that our reality (Nature, the environment, our Mother Earth, and everything we perceive in our seeming existence) is vibrated into form and that vibration is a kind of melody that harmoniously plays in every moment. I concluded that each of us vibrate into existence in the same way and our 'music' is interlaced into the melody of all that seemingly exists. All that we are can be found in everything we perceive. As is above, so is below. As is within, so is without.

With such a philosophy at the core of understanding, it becomes completely possible to conclude that if we are a reflection of all things, and all things are a reflection of each of us, well, then each of us most certainly are a reflection of one another. Unified, we are each completely interconnected with the divine. We are, in fact, the creator. We continually create in each and every moment of our seeming existence. This being the case, what we create in each moment is a choice. Knowing so, we have the ability to act with good will and for the greater good if we so choose. The challenge then becomes what will we choose? What will you choose in the next moment and every next moment thereafter?

Observing all the activity and comment submissions on over the years has shown me that what my partners and I created is truly making an impact. More importantly, the site's impact is influencing the choices made by those who visit. This is a fact. What we created is a mechanism that is effectively altering consciousness.
When I released my book, I hoped to influence change at a deeper level. I wished for the words of every page to trigger deep contemplation in the reader's mind and if the will was there for making choices from the heart, then I wanted to do my part to honor and support such intent. I followed up with an e-course that offered assistance with such an initiative. I've been very pleased with the results. This past week I philosophized with one reader who contacted me over the telephone. He had read the book and wished to share some of his thoughts. As always, I was delighted to share in the exploration. I also received a thoughtful commentary from another reader this week by email that I wanted to share with those who read my blog posts. The commentary is shared below.

Hello Scott,

I just finished reading 'Rediscovering Your Divine Music' last night, and early this morning I was inspired during my practice to contemplate my own journey through the lens of some of the experiences that you shared in your book.

This is what I have to share:

I remembered the first time as a young teenager that I really connected with the sounds of nature. We lived in a rural setting in S. Ontario and I would go for walks at dusk along the railroad tracks near our home. The tracks ran along a high berm and on each side were huge frog ponds.

At dusk the frogs would begin their evening chorus of chanting to each other across the tracks, it was like a call and response symphony. I found myself entranced by this rhythmical cadence of harmonies. The sound would fill me up and the longing to feel more connected on the outer was temporarily fulfilled through the sound of this harmonic symphony. It was through this experience and others that initiated a life long shifting out of the minds default state of consciousness that feels separate and alone socially and spiritually into feeling more connected to my source.

PhotoLittle did I know that this was a glimpse into the mystical world of sound that offers a bridge through the maze of mind and ego's limited mechanical conditioning and keeps my awareness asleep to the bigger reality of Love .

Thank you for sharing your journey with me and the world through your fabulous book. I couldn't agree more that the ultimate journey is learning to love one's Self meaning one's Soul Self.

From my experience the key to experiencing this impersonal love of the Divine is to find creative ways that support my awareness to be fully present in the moment of time. Truth only exists in the moment of time and to access this vibration I have to get present with the moment.

I have also found the gift of harmonic sound in nature to be a powerful tool to access this awareness.

Here are some truth's from your book that I particularly resonate with and appreciate the reminder:

We are all here for our own experience, what happens is not an outward journey, as much as it is truly an inward journey.

Everything is an experience and the Soul is nothing more than an observer.

We are all living in a very convincing holographic experience.

We must as a species re-connect with the Divine Music of Nature

Creativity comes down to focus.

Awesome question; What will you create to add to the Divine Music that plays in each and every moment.

'Rediscovering Your Divine Music' powerfully articulates the connection between our longing to feel connected to the source of Universal Love and the fulfillment of that longing through the focused discipline of listening to the divine music that plays in each and every moment.

Scott... I have been playing the harp and building acoustic sculptures for 33 years now and the perspective that is serving me most is that it's more about feeling the vibration than listening to the sound. It's all about the vibration and learning how to recognize this vibration of love and connect with it, because it can be subtle.

From my perspective 'Rediscovering Your Divine Music' is really all about listening to the Shabda Dhun (this is a Sanskrit word that means the 'Universal Sound Current') and its infinite expressions of creativity in the worlds of duality and then taking this longing to hear the Divine Music within.

I have a spiritual teacher who is a living channel of the Divine Shabda Dhun and one of His favorite sayings is 'Life is Shabda and Shabda is Life' meaning we are created by this divine elixir or vibration of unconditional love and this in essence is who we are in Soul, and our life is the outer expression or divine melody of this power of creation.

Please let your son know that if he is still actively creating music I have some very cool wind harp recordings that I would be happy to share with him. Scott I would love to have a conversation with you around the concept of vibration and how we can best align ourselves to the inner and outer vibration and sound of Divine Music.

Many Blessings,
Ross Barrable
Acoustic Sculptor

I conclude...

PhotoWhat Ross shares here is truly music to my ears. It brings me great satisfaction to realize what I chose to create and express, my contribution to the divine music, is resonating in the hearts and minds of the countless reflections of myself and all that I perceive to exist seemingly outside of me. My efforts were of sincere intent while I spent countless hours designing and writing and I'm certain I can speak the same for my Token Rock partners. I am truly content with the impact I have made for the greater good. I've come to realize the purpose of my expression as the creator.

I would love to hear how you are creating for the greater good. I invite you to share your comments with me however you see fit. I welcome working together for even greater impact.

Love and light,
Scott Leuthold
Co-Founder, Token Rock, Inc.

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