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Depression - Disappointment

Posted: August 14, 2009

One of the most debilitating issues in this country is depression. the bigger issue is the amount of drugs that are given to solve depression. In reality all the drugs do is cover up and press further down into the cells, pressing in deeper and deeper the consciousness of depression.

Though depression seems complicated, it is the repeated behavioral patterns that make the complications. This is not to discount the emotional and physical pain of depression, but to look at depression from another, less emotional view.

The Core of Depression

The core of depression is the deep, deep disappointment that can begin at any age or stage of life. Even from the womb. The emotional bands of disappointment, the sadness it creates in both the depressed person and the family, friends and associates around them is crippling.

To understand and better yet comprehend, that depression is the reality at the cellular level of disappointment can assist those diagnosed with depression, to first recognize the disappointments as the observer but not be victimized by them anymore.

So many of our clients at the QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness have overcome depression, let go of the disappointments and are living full filled lives. Don't waste any more time, use your time living your life, instead of depression taking your valuable time away from living.

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