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Deer Week--8/10-8/22/2012 Freedom vs. Community

Posted: August 9, 2012

Deer Deer, Kyej, Manik. Direction = Blue/West

The Mayan glyph for this day sign is a hand. Even though the English name is deer, I feel that it is important to realize that this day sign's great strength is that it cares for the well-being of others. The hand is a symbol of protection and support. It is like the Allstate logo 'You are in good hands with Allstate'. This is the basic foundation of the day sign Deer. The hand in the symbol is cupped or closed, implying that those born under this day sign are here to create a circle of protection and safety. They are peaceful, generous and cooperative.

Even though Deer people are often quiet, sensitive and creative, they usually are concerned with the wellbeing of others. They are a bit shy and do not like being a leader, but the welfare of a family or group of people that they care about is of utmost importance to them. In the time of the ancient Maya, those born under this day sign were hunters and rulers. They often sacrificed themselves for the sake of the community. Even though food is very important to Deer people, they made sure others were fed before they were. This strength and authority can often seem like domination to many who are under them. With this in mind, it is easy to see that the nature of the hunter and wanderer are part of the Deer psyche. Even though the Deer is very community oriented, they have a great need to travel. Deer often becomes a world traveler. They may have spent a good portion of their younger days living in foreign countries. They thrive on the stimulation from foreign cultures or even counter cultures.

The Deer person does have an artistic nature. They have a strong aesthetic side that can often lead them to be involved with and be a supporter of the arts. They may devote themselves to the arts, music, poetry and writing. They also have a strong sense of intuition. Yet dependency on the trappings of the psychic world, such as crystals, astrology and Tarot cards can take them away from and hinder the development of their true psychic abilities.

Those born under the day sign of Deer are also very sexual. Their need for freedom often makes is difficult for them to make lasting personal commitments, even though they are very committed to their community. One of the greatest challenges for a Deer person is to blend the need for community and the need for freedom into their lives. They are a contradiction of sorts, in that they want relationships, but value their freedom above all else.

The Deer born also need to learn how to be more flexible. They can get much attached to certain ideas or ways of being and find it difficult to be adaptable. Deer also suffers from procrastination. If they will create a plan or timetable for projects that need to be finished, they will be successful in completing what they want to achieve.

Pope John Paul was an example of a Deer person that worked for the greater good.

As you might imagine, the part of the body ruled by the day sign of Deer are the feet. Those feet like to travel. These people have the instinct to roam as all good hunters do. It is important for them to spend some time in Nature to keep in balance.

As you can tell from these descriptions, the Deer day sign is comprised of many contradictions. A Deer can be eccentric or peculiar. They can have strong beliefs that they will not give up, even if they are proved wrong. Deer people are, like many aspects of human life, confusing but wonderful.


During this week you may feel a conflict between leaving behind a situation and staying to work out problems. It is a time when people are more sensitive to others and seek peaceful and tranquil solutions to personal interactions. It is also a time for expressing creativity and your love of what inspires you. It is also a good time to be out in nature or take a trip.

If you are born under a West day sign, then this is an empowering week for you to interact with others. If you are born under a East day sign, then it is best to leave problem solving in regard to group situations for another time. For those with a South day sign, you would find that expressing your creativity and feelings will be met with acceptance and support. It is a surprise week for those with North day signs. The general rule here is that if issues of this nature come up, then it is good to address them.


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