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Decisions in Difficult Times

Posted: April 8, 2011

PhotoSometimes we feel like we want to hold onto something so intently and yet, just as readily let go of it and be free from how we feel it burdens us. It is easy to say that we can simply make change happen as many of the self-help books suggest. This is why I am not a life coach. I am no more 'advanced' in new thought than the experiences that challenge my thinking every day. These challenges are no different than yours. They may have different labels, but they are all the same. We must work together to create change for the greater good of all involved and when that change seemingly effects us in an adverse way, we must realize that no action has been taken deliberately against us. We are all pure and innocent.

Love always prevails no matter what the experience. In irony, when love itself is the challenge, we must dig deep within to find love for ourselves first and that love will radiate from within us outward to those we share our lives with. It is that simple. When we are happy with who we are and content with the choices we have made in life we are free to allow good things to come to us. The choices often seem very hard. I know that as well as anyone else. But, ultimately we must make them and when we do, they need to be for our own happiness.

When I take a moment to really evaluate how easy it is to choose a direction, it isn't the choice itself that is difficult, it is the acceptance of the outcome. We want to have it all and we wonder why we shouldn't be able to. But, in this dualistic reality, with the seemingly good comes the seemingly bad... no matter what the choice. So, to really decide on an avenue to take, we must weigh out these seemingly good and bad outcomes and place personal value on them, and thus, the weight of our decision is based on the scales of internal justice and peace. We are just to strive for happiness. It has been my driving force, but the winds often change direction and ruffle the sails of our fragile lives as the boats toss and turn on the sea of reality.


No decision is going to generate the perfect outcome. It just won't because we have chosen to live within the principles of duality. So, to decide something, we must do so knowing not everything is going to come out the way we want it. But, the things in our lives that matter most, those are the things that will come out right.

Make peace with the choices you've made in your life. Have courage to choose based on the things most important to YOU. Interestingly, when we really deeply evaluate what is important to us the decisions we make are often not what we initially assumed they would be. We may need to let the situation brew for a while before we can truly make the decision, and know that this is OK. Take accountability for that delay, though, and ultimately move forward one way or the other.

We must do only one thing, love. Choosing to love 'love' is the ultimate choice.

Peace, Scott.

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RE: Decisions in Difficult Times
By: BarbaraF - April 10, 2011 06:06 PM MST
Beautiful, Scott.
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