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Crocodile Week- Crocodile- 7/15-7/27 Primal Mother, Home and Fam

Posted: July 14, 2012

Crocodile Imox,Imix , direction = Red/East

In many of the ancient codices that were found by the Spanish, Crocodile is the first or primal day sign. The day sign of Crocodile represents the Divine Mother. The dark rift in the center of the Milky Way represents the womb of the Divine Mother. The long, graceful body of the Crocodile resembles the dark rift in the Milky Way. Even if a man is born under the day sign of Crocodile, he will have strong connections to his family and will be very nurturing.

Crocodile people are very good at starting projects. The Crocodile is hard working and needs to be active. Their connection to the direction of the East, where the sun rises, represents beginning. That is why they need to be close to their support group or however the family structure manifests for them. They need the help of the family energy to finish projects and be successful. Crocodiles are often motivated by those close to them. When the will of the Crocodile is focused for helping their loved ones, they can create great abundance and prosperity. Crocodiles make great farmers and builders. They are great at having their own businesses.

Even though the family or family - like unit, is very important to them, they do need to have their quiet time. The crocodile person is a very hard worker. Yet, when they have exhausted themselves, the Crocodile may need to sink into the depths of the quiet waters to find balance and rejuvenation. A common pattern for the Crocodile is to work to their limit and then sink into a rest period. This may cause many people to think that the Crocodile is lazy. They are really just in touch with their body and know that they need to revive themselves.

In the time of the height of the Mayan empire, Crocodiles were great warriors. Crocodiles are known for their courage and valor. They will fight for their country, which is an extension of the family. When there is a crisis, the Crocodile person may be the first one to plunge in and help bring life back into balance. Crocodiles also feel a very strong connection to the earth. They receive energy and renewal from spending time out in nature. Famous Crocodiles are Walt Disney, Johnny cash and Aretha Franklin.

It is best that the Crocodile person follow their heart instead of their logic. When a Crocodile listens to their feelings they avoid confused thinking. The Crocodile person is also very in tune with their dreams and imagination. They are attracted to mystery, novels, illusion and other forms of escapism.

Crocodile people can be very dominating and angry. They can be difficult to work with. The domination factor also rears its ugly head when it comes to romantic relationships. It is important to realize that Crocodiles are doing this because they want to create a wonderful lair for those that are important to them. When the Crocodile energy is harnessed they can achieve great things. Other emotional traits of the Crocodile are that they have a hard time dealing with criticism. Yet they can be very critical and fussy when it comes to others.

The part of the body that is governed by Crocodile is the liver.
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