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Creative Intent in the Work Place Can Change the World

Posted: November 8, 2009

As some readers may have read along the line, I felt compelled to bring Token Rock into this world in part due to my own desire to utilize my creativity to produce something with deep meaning, not just for me, but for those whom would discover our site along their own paths of life.

Aside from operating this marvelous organization, I also continue to utilize my skills for other projects. What is interesting, though, is the level of thought that I now invest into my work since the creation of this site. Creating something with such meaning has sharpened my creative focus.

I sit here this evening pondering how such a purposeful use of creative expression, or a sharpened focus on putting true, heart-felt meaning behind the work any of us executes on a daily basis, could potentially produce significant benefit to our holographic world at large.

For instance, I created a logo recently for a company that manages short sales. Though I was still able to whip out a quality design, I found that in the process I had incorporated significantly more meaning into the piece. Symbolic representations, if you will. The logo utilized two white capital 'S' patterns overlaying a red box. One 'S' faced correctly and the other faced backward (representing the notion that there are two sides to every story and the reflection of one to the other being the challenges in duality to find balance among those sides). Bringing the two 'S' shapes together created a heart shape opposite of the S shapes, meaning that the inside curves of the double 'S' pattern produced a heart shape.

Inside the heart I placed a house shape and sat it at the bottom of the heart, representing the fact that 'home' is where the heart is. Having the house inside the heart also represented the company's belief that the properties they short sell are people's homes -- a place they often cherish with deep and profound memories... not just a house, making what they offer as a service a process that is often very difficult for their clients. The home sat at the bottom of their heart.

The top point of the roof met the two ends of the curves of the letter 'S' and in a sense, appeared that the heart was 'sprouting' out the roof of the house and around it. Following the curves of the 'S' shapes brought the eye back to the base of the house and right back to the front door, representing a new cycle beginning.

I know, this may seem a bit deep for a Short Sale real estate firm, but as I said, I have found that my work is founded on deeper meaning and thought, these days. Not that it wasn't before. I actually have some pretty meaningful designs from years gone by. But now, it is much more clearly a part of my intent in the designs.

In the initial conversation with the client I found that my words touched them. As I spoke, I shared with them my philosophy about business these days -- that I believe we all have the ability to connect with those we serve in a business capacity... and in our personal lives.

I have a neighbor family who lost their home this year. A wonderful family of 6. All four children are home schooled. All four children possess the most respectable manners. A good family and great people. They lost their home due to a botched refinance and a less than respectable service provider who they employed to manage it. They had invested some $200,000 dollars of their own money against the half a million dollar purchase price when they built it. Over the years they were there, they certainly had made it their home.

After they were forced out of their home and moved in with relatives (another large family in the neighborhood down the street), their home sat vacant for months. Nobody bought it from the bank and it sat empty and neglected. I wondered what this world had come to. Why could it be that a good family could be forced from their home and not allowed to continue living there in order for it to sit empty? How could it be that their investment of six figures of hard earned money into the home could not account for something. Just because the market dropped and the house was no longer worth what they bought it for, their $200 grand investment meant nothing. And, to the bank, an empty house was more favorable. This, my friends, is what lies behind that logo I created.

Though designing a logo may not appear to change the world, it certainly does. It is the intention behind that design that will march forward and into the lives of many people like my neighbors. It's symbolic meaning will resonate with those who come in contact with it and it will likely influence the operators of that company. That influence may always confront them when facing a new client and their difficult situation.

What can you do in your line of work to create positive change in the world? It really doesn't matter what you do for a living. You can change tires for a living. Just making sure the air pressure is at optimum capacity can save fuel and reduce the burden on the environment and on the pocketbook of the driver. This savings, though it may be pennies per mile can add up to a long needed weekend trip for the family of that driver. Or be put toward food on the table. You just don't know what effect you can have when you approach your work with real meaning. The smallest of intentions can make a big difference.

I challenge you just for one day to approach your work with such meaning and conduct your business for that day with heart-felt intent. Then at the end of the day, sit back, kick up your heals, and ponder about the possibilities of what your commitment to creative focus may have had on your world.

With true intent,


P.S. Unfortunately, I can't share the design with you at this time, until it is approved. ;-)

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