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Creating Change through Mass Consciousness

Posted: June 18, 2009
I have always been fascinated with the way my thoughts seem to reach some unknown far off wave length that transfers that thought to others that make that thought a reality.

Here is a small example:  when I was in grade school, my sisters and I would walk up to the local 7-11 store to purchase candy.  One of my favorites were the candy cigarettes.  While enjoying one of those candy cigarettes one day, I thought, "man, these would be fantastic if they were dipped in chocolate." 

I never gave it another thought until one day my sisters and I made our regular trip up to 7-11 and low and behold, they had chocolate cover cigarette candies. 

Even at that young age I was very fascinated by the fact that someone or something was actually listening to my thoughts.  That of course was not the only incident, there were and continue to be many more.

Now I am very conscious about my thoughts.  Keeping them positive is something I feel not only effects me, but the world around me.  It has been scientifically proven that thoughts, even in the form of prayer, can actually bring about change and healing.  Healing studies show that maintaining a positive, loving attitude actually raises the energy of the body that dramatically prevent disease.

I try to send out positive thoughts throughout my day as well as send out thoughts of world peace.  Imagine the kind of changes that could come about if millions of us (mass consciousness) sent out those thoughts as well! 
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