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Creating Beauty

Posted: July 13, 2010

Working on my own website to steer the few interested parties to the book, No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE, I'm finding how easy it is to become obsolete. Fifteen years ago I made two web sites. I used GIF and JPEG images for all the buttons that I created myself and typed HTML language completely by hand. And, it was a long document. I did a pretty good job. For fifteen years ago, the two web sites were hipper than their day. That is to say, a step above Bulletin Boards. I just haven't kept up. I only recently reentered 'The Information Super Highway' from the rest stop where I was perfectly satisfied to be. But, you can't do much without being 'connected' these days. And, if it wasn't for NNN-The Code, I would have stayed happily oblivious.

When I finished my new website using sophisticated and simplified software provided by the web hosting of, I looked over the other sites. Mine was out-of-fashion and cloddish compared to those innovative and modern web sites. Every one of them was sleek and beautiful. At the time I finished mine, I liked it, though it is still under construction. I went back and tweaked it with a modicum of modernization. The adage that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' will have to do. I may like more modern hair styles, but whenever I try them, I always manage to cut off the shaggy ends for a more kempt look. Anyway, my website ( is to give information and guide people to the appropriate web sites of Llumina Press and Token Rock. I think it does that.

Nevertheless, although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, leaving messy rooms speaks to weak Life Forces. Don't we want the most beautiful yard on the block? What is beautiful to one can be a nightmare to others. The all rock yard to avoid mowing! Icky! Calm yourselves. That was only in a movie. No one in his or her right mind would do that in the real world. Would they? ;-)

Expecting Mother, however, to clean up our messes is simply, lazy, arrogant, and self-centered. Gee, we haven't raised that kind of society, have we? To see the fighting from BP and this Administration portends that the 'dumb generation' depicted by Mark Bauerlein is actually already here. What has happened that politics has become an avenue to personal aggrandizement instead of an opportunity to serve humanity? Capitol Hill and adjacent areas on Pennsylvania Avenue are turning into a hotbed of highly sophisticated white collar criminals. And, since water pools at the same spot, we can't expect it to get better until all of the bums (both R's & D's) are really thrown out this time. We tried it twenty years ago, and we have worse bums running things. Why is either party the only alternative? There are Independents, Greens, etc.

But, we listen to news pundits, who tell us what to think. We don't bother doing our homework to find out about the candidates. How can we be expected to know about all of them? But, not even the major ones?!

Remember Lady Bird? I liked her. For those of you who are too young, she was the First Lady when Lyndon Baines Johnson was president. She was into planting wild flowers along highways. Lady Bird understood about making beauty. And, if that is all a person can do to make the world better, go for it! Plant those petunias! Because someone driving by who is having a bad day, might just perk up when seeing a beautifully trimmed lawn bordered with flowers. Or, whatever hodgepodge of volunteer plants that infiltrate the yard when specific plants were planted that I have to keep digging out! ... Where, am I? ... Oh, yeah. ... Sorry. :-(

Beauty isn't just external, but internal, though open to interpretation. When water seeks its own level, it might be difficult for groups to tell when one of their flock is a bit off because they suffer the same afflictions. This may be why Congress members don't monitor each other until something or other hits the fan. And, egregious members sometimes don't even get disciplinary action. You know, because well, 'You scratch my back, ... .'

When I was a playwright, I used to hold my tongue in workshops, waiting for others to point out what I knew were obvious problems. I wanted to be seen and not heard. :) (Refer to previous blog, Just Say It.) Having spent years nestled among theater critics, I pretty much knew what would get slammed. When no one else spoke up, I raised my hand. Sometimes actors would come to get me during breaks when plays were being read and beg me to say something. So, I spoke up, once with tears in my eyes because the playwright was a sweet old guy who never hurt a fly and he just took bad advice about fixing his play. But, if he didn't fix the problems it caused and somehow got his play up critics would have been merciless.

I waited these dozen years while uncovering the encryptions in No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE for someone else to reveal them. No one seems to have done so. If someone has, I haven't found his or her website. Hey, it could have been the millionth hit and I didn't feel like plowing through the rest to get to it. My method, however, is so definitive that I doubt its doppelganger is out there.

Fed up with the nonsense in Washington, I thought, 'What the heck? I'm taking this book out of my in box, off my plate, or whatever.' I'm so tired of the inmates running the asylum. They make endless inane laws for everyone else on how to live to justify their own existence. If this book helps the two people who have read my blog and agreed with portions of it, maybe they will read the book and help two others. Those four may help eight others, etc. Maybe someone will send it to his or her member of Congress, who may read it and change his ways. Then he may give it to another Congressperson and so on.

[By the way, thank you, Tammie and Debbie for your kind remarks. Thanks to Carrie-Anne and Scott, of course, for having the fortitude to invite me to submit my opinions.]

I'm old enough now that I have an opinion on everything. Just give me a word and I'll give you an opinion on it. I really have to hold myself back. And, let's face it, mowing the lawn with a rusty old push mower is lots easier than coming up with coherent words that form ideas. Nevertheless, ...

... stay tuned ...

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