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Choosing Joy

Posted: June 14, 2010

Number Four (4) in No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE describes the choice of being (Made Victorious) over angst and animosity or feeling (Victory Doomed). Achieving the positive side of this number assures a more lighthearted spirit rather than a heavy and dark one. A perpetually heavy heart lessens our Life Force, putting us into a tailspin of negative emotions where we want to hide our heads from the world. Possibly, with drugs and booze, exacerbating the problem.

When our actions toward others are honorable, our positive natures are not even in question. Pretension and self deception are not in our vocabularies. Major infractions like robbing banks are easy to avoid. Something more pernicious, for example, like publishing an entire copyrighted manuscript as one's own would never cross the mind of a truly enlightened individual. People like David Koresh the leader of the Branch Davidian religious cult built his self esteem while using others, ignoring the effect to his victims. Members of Congress and the Executive Branch use tax dollars as though coming from personal piggy banks. These kinds of actions are unimaginable to genuinely thoughtful and caring people.

Reducing victims of even worse abuses when they overcome the torment as though it somehow did not affect them that they are impervious, shows lacking sensitivity and insight. Those who denigrate victims of any infraction as though it was their 'karma,' so they deserved it have become corrupted, especially, when the sentiments come from the perpetrators.

The philosophies we adopt say more about us than the philosophies themselves when misused for personal gain.

How do those who suffered unimaginable indignities recover? Post traumatic stress disorders are genuine as, e.g., when I described my Vietnam Veteran mechanic's reaction in a previous blog, Erasing Old Tapes. Reliving pain is a major deterrent to separating from bitter memories. Emotional pain can be as crippling as some physical pains, i.e., it is physical pain, engulfing the entire body with tremendous torment.

It is sad that societies discourage men from crying. Purging pain in the (Wen) tier is what Number Five (5) encourages, so to become (New) again. Suppressing negative feelings only diverts them to other areas of life, e.g., acting out in violent and aggressive ways to prove manhood.

Would we have fewer wars if the men needing to run the world could have a weekly crying session instead of a weekly poker-night? That may sound simplistic, but, as they say, 'If you haven't tried it, don't knock it.' Who knows, having a good cry might be like having good sex. Hmm, I can see a comedy script with that theme.

When we are victims of wrongful acts, depending upon the nature of the offenses as some acts are more serious than others, we can choose how we respond. We can get angry and let authorities settle matters, stew over it, settle it ourselves becoming vengeful, or we can get on as best we can with our lives. Sunsets are still beautiful and roses are still fragrant. Nevertheless, the option of combining options also exists.

Forgiving and forgetting enables bad actors. Though it may be a method of getting to 'heaven' or higher dimensions, even heaven can be lonely if we are there without others. Holding people accountable, offers the possibility for them to recover from their negative side. Also, holding those who are in government, accountable, will ensure that citizens do not fall victim to totalitarianism.

Holding people accountable, however, does not mean that we cannot get on with our lives in the most joyful way possible. Compartmentalizing pain or putting it aside assures that we do not inflict our suffering onto others. Lawsuits can still go forward, but roses will still get watered, thus making the world a more beautiful place by pruning old branches while cultivating positive personalities. Simultaneously, we do not become wrapped up in a tight ball of negativity.

Dealing with emotions takes practice, but it makes us stronger. Emotions never go away, if anything they become more fine-tuned. We become more in touch with them, appreciating them for the tool they are in knowing what is (In You), another tier of Five (5). This makes us perceptive to the actions of others from having experienced deep emotions firsthand.

Many positive ways exist for us to separate sorrowful situations from daily routines. We can get out of bed and begin our day. We can meditate, lifting our vibrations. Baking and sharing cookies delights neighbors and friends when they are having bad days. Volunteering for an organization helps others and makes us feel better because we are contributing to a better world. Going for a walk or run alleviates tension. Righting a wrong never hurt anyone, except perhaps the wrongdoers. Also, do not forget to prune the roses so they can make even more beautiful flowers. The old adage about stopping to smell the roses is more profound than taking time from the daily grind. Smelling roses or any fragrant flower, even for a brief moment, lifts the spirit.

This last bit of knowledge is not from any scientific study, of course, but my own experience.


... stay tuned ...

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