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But, Can You Love Me For Being Square?

Posted: July 25, 2011

A politically correct society is constantly asking us to be tolerant of alternative lifestyles. The faster that society moves, the more extreme that lifestyles become. The 'Animal Planet,' 'History Channel,' or another channel, I can't remember, recently reported that in India, the society allows citizens to marry pets, even if pets are alligators. Okay. Just don't expect many three-ways.

When checking this out, the always available Internet said that they do it out of superstition. According to Yahoo Answers, they do whatever their 'god men' tell them to do.

'They fall prey to the so-called god men who are out to make a quick buck. They do whatever these guys tell them to, whether it is marrying an animal, a tree or killing newborns. It all boils down to ignorance and the greed to succeed in whatever they want to do. You can go to this site for news reports of girls being married to dogs in India.'

[I'm not listing the site. Find it yourself. I didn't even go to it to know if it is real. I've had too many problems with mal-ware. That one seemed highly suspicious to me.]

I don't know if that answer was factually correct, but according to other less popular answers, the reporting of the practice on the television show was reasonable.

Anyway, my point is as suggested in the title: Can the tolerant hip crowd love the not-so-hip crowd?

I'm such a square, when a once prospective employer told me she'd spent the weekend in Colorado sniffing snow, I responded, 'Wasn't that cold on your nose?' Hey, I got it! Colorado. Aspen. The only answer I heard was an immediate click on the other end of the line. She must have thought that I was a smart-ass, or the stupidest person she'd ever met. I was being serious. So, I guess I fell into the latter category. Which, considering, would have been okay with me.

If I'd only liked football, I might have married the love of my life. When asked to come over and watch football with him, my dismayed reply was, 'Oh, I don't like football.' Gee, things could have been so different, if he'd only wanted to get to know me better.

As my hairs have greyed, I've gotten hipper. I can't say by how much. When I was younger, my friends were older. Now that I'm older, my friends are younger. They are so much more savvy than I ever was. Life seems to work that way. Current generations, including mine, always think they know more than the former ones. In things like technology and trends, they do.

Trends are heading us into 'Future Shock.' Some of us are out-of-the-loop, and don't know how to get into it. The truth is, we don't want to get into it. We're happy on the sidelines. I realize my thirty-something friends love me for my cookies, even if they can get cookies on the Internet. I must have been nodding off when cookies became a bad thing. How can cookies ever be a bad thing?! Just kidding, I dig Internet cookies.

Though younger generations are far more savvy to technological trends, are they as knowledgeable about how to traverse life's difficulties? Can they master the techniques needed to survive bumps in the road, or not carve out ruts in the first place? Will they swerve away from mounds of debt to remain freer? Can they pick proper mates, who won't become disappointments when the economy takes a downturn? Instead, do they buy into 'end times,' so feel, what is there to lose in racking up debts? Do they live irresponsibly, thinking it'll be a fun ride while it lasts?

From what I've witnessed, people are happier than in the 'good old days.' Because society has decided to allow the sexes equality, both sexes have developed into better people. Respect goes a long way to heal wounds of inequality.

Sometimes it doesn't seem that way. Both genders seem to have run amuck. If we think about it though, it is like leaving the barn door open. The animals run free. After a while, however, they settle down and return. The really important things will always be the same: shelter and sustenance.

Yet, from what younger people tell me, succeeding generations are just as naive as my generation was to stumbling blocks in life. I am quite sure though that they'd have understood the football tactic. My naivete did take on epic scale. Because I took the long view, however, I realized that it wasn't my path. Taking the long view, is often the way to overcome disappointments. So, I never lived in bitterness or regret. He ended up marrying someone who made him a better person. Life didn't equip me to do that. So, how could I be jealous of someone who made him so happy? When we are so in love, we sometimes forget the needs of our love interest. We are more concerned with getting our own needs met. When we love someone, we should only want what is best for him or her. That isn't always us.

Living life is really the only way to know what it is. For the most part, we are blank slates or canvases when we get here. The complexities of living are too numerous for us to know all we need without taking many trips around the block.

Life is about taking good attitudes even if we don't get what we want. Being happy when life gives us everything is easy. Society has taught us differently for quite sometime now until we've become meanspirited and jealous over what others have.

Our leaders are the worst example. Even more so when they exploit and exhibit the worst in human nature to get what they want whether or not it is really good for the country. Politicos pretending to be in one party and really being of the other is an old tactic to fool voters because it works.

When we become a society of intractably spoiled people, we will have leaders who reflect that mind-set. We are in trouble unless we respect compromise that will keep us free.

... stay tuned ...

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