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The Nature of Deeply Rooted Trees

Posted: June 17, 2017

I have planted and nurtured many trees in my life–some with real roots, bark and leaves, and others as commitments and promises to myself and others. For the past 26 years I have lived in a desert environment. I find it so fascinating to witness the resilience of a tree in the desert that found its place in the world, established itself, and through the toughest of circumstances and with as


Eradicating The Plague of Sadness

Posted: September 11, 2014

It's been some time since I have felt the desire to sit down and write. Life moves us along moment by moment with often countless tasks to fill the time yet in each of those precious moments while some aspect of humanity sees gain; advancements of technology to make life easier, the exodus of people from urban centers back to their roots of the rural life they once knew, or the coming togethe


1: 400,000,000,000,000

Posted: May 10, 2014

1: 400,000,000,000,000

This is the calculation by scientists of the likelihood that YOU were born. Those are quite the odds against your existence, yet you are here. Maybe you have seen this statistic before. Maybe not.

In comparison, if you started a business today and you made $1,000,000 every single day, 365 days a year, it would take you 2723 years to make $1 trillion. And a million years to m


Token Rock's Pledge To Bring Good Will

Posted: August 11, 2013

I have four key purposes for this message:

1.) To Help You Emotionally Heal: I wish to help you (if necessary) to overcome whatever you might be facing that you see as an emotional challenge in your life.

2.) To Share A Provoking Thought: I wish to have you consider the realization that we are one. We are an all-encompassing, universal entity and what we see outside of ourselves also resides


The Overload of Digital Social Interaction

Posted: May 13, 2013

It's 6:45 am. The room is silent. A dim auburn glow illuminates the sheer window covers as the Sun graces our day with his mighty presence. Then, I hear it, a scroll here, a tap there. I look over my shoulder and see a blue glow behind the outlining curves of the woman lying next to me. She is surfing the web and scanning the morning news. With her back facing me, she checks Facebook from beyond t


A solo is only played so long before it is booed off the stage.

Posted: April 7, 2013

GOOD DEED: Glad to see the people of Mexico are joined together to battle big agribusiness and their attempts to eradicate native corn. (Article about this)

THINK ABOUT THIS: No single one of us can separate from the wholeness that we are and attempt to rise above the rest. We are one with all things. What one grows and feeds to another they feed to themselves. How one treats another they do unto


Divine Music to My Ears

Posted: January 16, 2013

It's been over a year now since my book 'Rediscovering Your Divine Music' was first published. I am truly delighted with the warm response I have received from the many readers around the world who have turned its pages. As with Token Rock, the purpose for writing and releasing the material was to subjectively introduce concepts of the spiritual realm to a broader, mainstream audience that may have


Wisdom, The Ultimate Diploma

Posted: December 8, 2012

Learning not to pass judgement isn't taught by academia. Rather, it comes with wisdom, and wisdom is only gained through experiences that cause one to reflect upon their own lives. Wisdom comes from going through trials in our own lives and seeing that we, too, conduct ourselves at times in ways that, looking back, might not have been with the best of intent. Our beliefs evolve over time. No one


Crossroads of a Dream

Posted: November 14, 2012

A dream is all we have to guide us in our decisions. A memory, like a deja vu, as if to instill some assurance that we know the way…that we have been down this road before. Yet, my travels have proven to me that, though there is no 'wrong way' in our choices, we navigate by an inner heart feeling…a sensation in the moment swaying us in one direction or another with no assurance. I've f


Love Is All Around Us

Posted: September 11, 2012

Someone close to me recently called me a peaceful warrior. Truth be told, I am a crusader for love and peace. I don't believe in brutality. I don't subscribe to dictatorship. I don't participate in forceful control over another. I believe in encouragement. I believe in leading by example. I believe we MUST…. absolutely MUST stand solid and strong in the face of the harsh winds of adversity. W

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