If you rely on mediocre thinking in your life and society, watch out because something is bearing down on you.

An attitude about education

Posted: June 19, 2009
A few years back I included a little imaginary detour into a book I was writing about education, but one of my reviewers suggested that it showed I had "an attitude" about education. I granted that he was right, and deleted the story, accepting that my attitude was undoubtedly a flaw. Years have gone by now, and not having an attitude has done me no good whatever, so I might as well let my attitude

Advice for Obama on education

Posted: June 18, 2009
It was dismaying last week to hear President Obama discuss education. In sum, "Our system doesn't get the results we want. We don't know why, but we're going to spend money to try to fix it."

If you know anyone who has the President's ear, please pass on to him that both the problem and solution are simple if anyone wants to look. Perhaps Governor Palin could pay him a friendly call. Both Democrats and R



Posted: June 18, 2009
I walked outside one day and proceeded down the middle of our quiet street. There, exactly in its center, was the flattened body of what apparently was a small rat, spread out in perfect symmetry like a Rorschach inkblot. My imagination is too limited to appreciate fully the terror of the rat as the car bore down on it, or the driver's anxious swerve before hitting the rat anyway.

Yet the fate of th

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