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It's Going to be OK!

Posted: June 24, 2010

Life really seems to be hard sometimes. We think we are making steps in the right direction and then all of a sudden you feel like you have lost your way. What is that all about?

We are all in the awakening process. This process can start in different ways, like perhaps you were at the bookstore and a certain book just pops out at you or it literally just falls off the shelf in front of you. M


Becoming a 'Body of Consciousness'

Posted: March 26, 2010

The energy of this world has definitely changed.For many of you, you have noticed subtle changes in yourself as well as the world around you.Others are still asking that question:'Why am I here'.

I am still not sure I know the answer to that question, but what I do know is that it is time to let go of the old programming and become a body of consciousness.Well, what does that mean?

We must learn to l


Do you need washing?

Posted: December 14, 2009

Someone sent me a most wonderful email that I will share with you in a moment. The synchronicity of it was amazing. I hope that you too will read this and find the true message of healing here. Sometimes we all need a little reminder about how strong our faith is. I am not sure who the author is. I got my washing today!

Here is the story:

A little girl had been shoppping with her Mom in Target


Where have I been?

Posted: November 6, 2009

Wow, I can't believe it has been 2 months since I blogged or made a journal entry. I was just reading the last journal entry I did entitled 'Tears in My Heart' and now I understand exactly what has been happening with me these last couple of months.

Changes are definitely taking shape. Many who know me might be surprised to learn that change is actually very difficult for me to embrace. I usually


Getting Out and Experiencing Nature

Posted: September 7, 2009

Thanks to the wonderful journey's that Scott and Carrie often share here, I have been inspired to take a few myself. Well, not by myself, but get out of the house and play in nature and it is so freeing, so rewarding.

I too love going to Prescott, AZ. There is something about that place that really draws me to it. It really seems to be something around the courthouse. There is an energy there


Having a life that is happy and worthwhile!

Posted: August 14, 2009

It is our right as spiritual beings to be successful. The spirit is not expressing itself if it is not. Spirit is substance…God is spirit….and substance is supply. There isn't any reason that we should lack for anything that makes this life on earth more worthwhile. Unless…of course…you are running a program of lack, limitation, unworthiness, etc.

You have to truly u

divider anyone listening?

Posted: August 12, 2009
If you consider what happens when you pray, I would say a whole lot of people are listening. This is what I believe when I pray.

When I send out a thought in prayer, that thought is picked up in the wave length that goes out to the entire universe; which connects to the Universal Mind. It is scientifically proven that prayer works. So if you are sending out thoughts, rather they are in the form of

Forgiveness Lesson - Dealing with a Sick Family Member

Posted: July 17, 2009
If you are studying the Course of Miracles you know that the 'miracles' are forgiveness.

I have been blessed with many opportunities for forgiveness. I am an identical twin. Although we have the same DNA, we are very different, indeed. It was, for many years, for me very frustrating trying to understand why there were so many differences in us. I mean we look just alike, we sound just alike, we laugh

I Seem to Say Hell A Lot!!

Posted: July 15, 2009
I see a pattern emerging with the word Hell in my blogs, so let's talk about Hell.

Do you believe in hell? I said for many years that I did not believe in hell. I never believed that our all loving God would not accept me into heaven if I was not perfect. That was an issue that really bothered me growing up. So, if that was my strong belief then there could not be a hell.

We grew up going to Baptist


What the Hell was I Thinking?

Posted: July 1, 2009
Ok, so what I have been learning is that we create our own illusion and I get that. But, when you start looking at your life and the events that have transpired throughout, you have to wonder, 'what the hell was I thinking?'

For instance, I have been married twice. Now, my first marriage was not bad really, it ended in all truth, because I got very depressed. My mother passed away suddenly and I
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