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Being Realistic About Spirituality

Posted: September 5, 2011

PhotoI spent some time this weekend making new friends while visiting a log cabin in the mountains of Arizona. I feel blessed to have spent time with these people and throughout the weekend that we shared, I often found myself observing and reflecting upon the experience and their personal perspectives in association with my own life and where I am headed.

With good fortune, as we sat on the back porch in the evening hours sitting around tables by candle light, I was gifted some great philosophical conversations. As ambient music played in the background and crickets chirped in the surrounding forest, we shared stories of our past and perspectives of the spiritual realm.

One point of interest that surfaced more than once was what a 'spiritual person' is. I found that judgment tended to creep into the conversation at times. Specifically, I shared a story from my past that might not be considered that of the accepted spiritual view. All is forgiven within, however, and forgiveness to myself has been already exercised.

In my eyes, spiritual beings are those who truly make an effort to be loving, forgiving, compassionate, warm and tender, inclusive, non-judgmental, selfless, and practice helping others to become greater versions of themselves and do so wholeheartedly and without condition. But, not practicing these things at times doesn't mean one is any less a divine soul. This is something we must all realize.

PhotoSpirituality is not an immediate shift. It is transitionary. Because belief systems are so engrained into who we seemingly are, releasing them is not as immediate as we might hope, once we start walking our self-empowered, all loving path. We have chosen to be human, after all, so holding ourselves in contempt when we realize something we may have done, felt, or believed, that may in our own eyes or others appear to be out of the character of a spiritual individual, deprives ourselves of true compassion. Compassion is one of the cornerstones of spirituality. We are whole and complete no matter what we seemingly do and the only forgiveness we must exercise is for subjecting ourselves to guilt or shame. We have the ability in each moment to forgive and release and in doing so our true nature of love surfaces.

Do not place me on a pedestal for what I may have seemingly achieved, for we are one and the same and the results of my actions are your own accomplishments. I will never elevate myself above anyone else, for your ascension elevates me and my elevation ascends you. There is nothing that separates us. When one places another in a more illuminous light, they seemingly diminish the power of their own divine glow. When we seemingly place ourselves in the shadow of another, we not only create barriers to realizing our own spiritual growth, but we also set expectations of the one we place above us. When the one we put above us doesn't meet the expectation we've set for them, we put ourselves in a position of failure. It is not the other that has failed, it is ourselves who failed to realize that we are divine souls living a human experience. It is ourselves who set the unrealistic expectation.

PhotoChoosing the human experience (that we each have), we must realize that the kaleidoscope of colors life here on Earth provides, comes with seemingly pure light and darkness. Living fully, at times, we experience the gamut of this spectrum. We dabble in such a wide variety of experiences to discover who we truly are. But, remember this: we are whole and complete no matter what paths lead us to our truth.

If I had one statement I could speak to the entire world, I would say this: Live with forgiveness and compassion and you shall be deemed spiritual. Live with unwavering love in your heart, and find yourself elevating the spirits of us all. Spirituality is just a buzz word. It has no more meaning than any other judgmental word, for labeling one spiritual and one not, could in itself be considered nonspiritual. Find compassion for your fellow beings. Express your love for them. Elevate them and when they ascend from what you share in your heart, you too, will soar on the waves of a higher vibration.

~ With love, Scott

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