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Are you holding back?

Posted: October 16, 2011

Why are we holding back? Is it because we are afraid of failure or rejection? Fear of our own possible success? Because we may feel unworthy? Is it the 'Cinderella complex'? Well, it's time for Cinderella to crawl out of the ashes and SHINE.

Who am I to dream of success? Were you raised to just be average? Who told you to not stand out? Many of these limiting beliefs are deeply rooted in us as they were instilled during our childhood by family, society, friends. What if we let go of the fear of failure, rejection or the jealousy of others? What if the outcome of your endeavor doesn't even matter? What if the journey matters, the attempt to be the best you can be, just for yourself not anyone else? Would you become the fashion designer you always wanted to be? Or the opera singer? Would you dare to embark on the expedition to climb the world's highest mountains to test your endurance, strength and ability? Why not? What is the worst that can happen? Forget about everyone else - do it - just because. Do it just for yourself. Crawl out of the ashes of your life, go ahead BECOME Cinderella (not sure if there is a male equivalent to Cinderella, but just let's use the word PRINCE) and SHINE!!!! Many have done it before us and so can we. Yes, it does take courage and a bit of an adventurous spirit but it sure beats being on a dead end path. If the outcome is not quite what you had in mind, no big deal - at least you tried and maybe you'll try the same again or something else. Have fun on your journey and maybe for the first time in your life - LIVE. Experience what living, being alive really means. - Sophia Paul

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