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All About Flying

Posted: August 30, 2010

PhotoIsn't it?

About three decades ago, I had this knowing that I would teach people to fly. I thought at the time that meant in their dreams. I have had many prophetic dreams over my lifetime. This, however, was knowing it. It was not from a dream, nor from being told directly.

I thought that teaching people to fly meant in their dreams. Many people do and do not fly in their dream world. Some people, however, say they never even dream. Nevertheless, because I thought that it meant in dreams, I had OBE recalls of showing others how to lift off. I also showed the intricacies of getting from one place to the next, and to avoid flying through high-tension electrical wires at all cost. This meant to come back down if necessary. I suspect, however, in divulging this that I am preaching to the choir. Token Rockers are high flyers. ;-)

Okay, I did my job. Now, I am lucky to go anywhere at my age. From what others have told me, it does seem frequent OBEs and flying are for the young and off limits for the old. We elderly folk would probably try to stay. I know this from firsthand experience. I was dragged back. It took four, one on each limb. Insert a shrug. :-( Occasionally though, I still get to go! :-)

It did not occur to me until recently that it was through No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE that I would teach flying as in uplifting vibrations. The positive tier of (I Rise) in the last Number Nine (9) reveals developing a vibration that can pull away from the earth plane, or the variable reincarnational dimension. The tiers of letters-to-numbers unveil a stairway blueprint of lessons for doing this.

Why is the reincarnational dimension the earth plane? It's simple. I don't even have to believe hearsay to realize this. The earth plane is the location of the womb. An access to the womb must exist in the same dimension. This may be why some see peoples' spirits so easily in this dimension, because the earth plane and reincarnational dimensions are the same. Those spirits who walk the earth likely are those who have not pulled their vibration away from this variable dimension. This does not mean that those in higher dimensions cannot descend into this one when necessary.

Those who used the Anglo-Saxon Latin alphabet to impart a code toward rising vibration must have cared about uplifting humanity. Yet for some reason they did not finish the job of revealing it. They may have felt the time was not right to show their creation. On the other hand, they may have done so, but the interpretations got jumbled over time into various conflicting and confusing synonyms with some definitions entirely off the original mark. Though it is often unclear or entirely absent where other definitions come from, when referring to this method, I always say, 'this form of numerology.' After all, the Cabala has definite explanations.

Why me? Most likely, I have the personality to fit the job with just enough analytical skill for comprehending the task. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I read every psychology book I could find. An earlier profession made it necessary to observe human behavior. Also, when something gets under my skin, I am tenacious about solving it. Too, I am persnickety about some things. My book analyzes, in depth, how word patterns arose from tiers. I do this, specifically not to give the impression of omnisciency: Just believe what I say because I say it. Who am I? I did my best to get the definitions right. Nevertheless, being human, I can be wrong. I never state that these are from some almighty source.

Researching their origin, these number definitions seem from human sources. Does this invalidate them unless touched by an almighty hand? Some will think so. Many need omnipotent influence to believe anything. If we understood the Universe better, we may realize that those exist who've been around long enough to see how things work, and who share what they learned.

A controversial exercise exists that may reveal personal vibrations. Others have told me that it is merely pressing on nerves that stimulate the effect of the exercise. If it were merely a simple biological response then it would work identically for everyone. From what I have seen, it does not. Some get no effect, while others experience the effect to varying degrees. The fact that it works at all, is showing us something that some are too intimidated to examine.

The Exercise:

Lean the back of one wrist against the wall. Stand about two feet from the wall so that the weight of the body is fully pressing against the wrist. Keep the mind in neutral or empty, and the body relaxed. Remaining relaxed, after about thirty seconds step away from the wall far enough so the wall will not touch the hand or arm.

The exercise should be done in private and the results kept that way. Tests, however, using various subjects from felons to paragons, after various degrees of actions both positive and negative, may validate this exercise or debunk it entirely as showing vibration.

If the exercise does not work for some, and it does represent vibration, this does not mean that this is the vibration for the ethereal body. This exercise may only suggest characteristics of a physical vibration.

I would enjoy hearing from those who may have more information on this exercise. Or, if anyone has questions, a contact page is on my website at:

If anyone is curious to read No Nonsense Numerology—THE CODE, it can be found at: Also, readers will find that I wrote it in omnipotent third. It is not a blog. I wrote in third-person to elevate the material. I did not feel that the material needed to be kitschy or too friendly, making readers feel warm and cozy by using second-person. It isn't that kind of material. Also, omnipotent third gives it more authority. Yes, you're right. It's a cheap trick. ;-) The way the publisher formatted it, it is a deceptively small, but, hopefully, a weighty workbook.

... stay tuned ...

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