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A solo is only played so long before it is booed off the stage.

Posted: April 7, 2013


GOOD DEED: Glad to see the people of Mexico are joined together to battle big agribusiness and their attempts to eradicate native corn. (Article about this)

THINK ABOUT THIS: No single one of us can separate from the wholeness that we are and attempt to rise above the rest. We are one with all things. What one grows and feeds to another they feed to themselves. How one treats another they do unto themselves. Each and every one of us is the completeness of the entire organism that is our planet (As above, so below, as within, so without). It doesn't matter who has control of the printing machines that create currency. It doesn't matter who 'seemingly' designates how that currency is valued. The concept of rich and poor has no relevance when it comes to the balance of Nature. No single one of us can claim they are alone the controller, deciding for the rest and believe that they will prevail in that position. Nature's purpose is to provide and sustain with her own methods of balance for which we are a part of that company of instruments. Any other method is an imbalanced system. We are all creators with the capacity for acting with a meaningful and all inclusive consciousness. A solo is only played so long before it is booed off the stage. Harmony comes only from unity. Sustainable living is a collaborative system because of this innate unity. We can only 'seemingly' separate ourselves from those we judge or look upon as less or different in some way.

It is so simple but time and time again, someone for some reason, and for some definitive length of time decides they should have more or less of something than their neighbor. Politics, government, capitalism, corporatism... none of these efforts will be successful until all actions are from the perspective of balance with Nature and all that such a perspective encompasses. The moment it becomes a selfish or individualistic approach, it shifts to an imbalanced system. I'm not even talking Socialism here because such a term is seeded still in politics and government. What I am talking about is collaboration...each and every one of us thinking and acting with sincerity and compassion for the whole. With such a shift in thinking globally, there is no need for such establishments.

GMOs are not an improvement to food if they aren't what Nature naturally provides because what Nature naturally provides is with the balance of the entire system. One could argue that genetics is simply an investigation into the deeper architecture of what Nature provides and any redefinition of such architecture is still within the framework of what is naturally provided. This could be a valid argument, however, if Nature had intended to provide a crop that withstood every bug, was perfect in color, was three times larger, or what ever initiative the investigator hopes to achieve in their redefinition, she would.

A NEW MOVEMENT: I'm giving GMO a new meaning... Grow More Organics. A simple shift in global thinking and we can push what isn't serving us out of the collective consciousness.

I watched a film on the other night. It illustrated how we choose to treat the other aspects of ourselves. As disheartening as the film was to watch with the assault on livestock the masses consume, it became apparent to me that I was judging those who worked in those environments. I felt I wanted to shake those people and ask them what the hell they were doing. I wanted to rise in protest. Then, I sat back and concluded that all I must sincerely do is not participate and not support that method of food production and do my best to lead by example demonstrating good practices that are in harmony with Nature. I can choose not to consume such products (meat or otherwise) that are produced and harvested without the best intention for the entire planet. It is a choice we all have been given to make.

It is daunting to consider such a choice because it's clearly a slippery slope into other influences on our lives and how the things we consume are produced. It reveals a window into the mass consumption system and forces us to question everything as I often have over the years.

As expressed so wisely by Saint Francis of Assisi: 'Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you're doing the (seemingly) impossible.'

Often we look upon the world and say that we can't make a difference. We think we can't go up against those that appear to be in (or out of) control. The truth is, we can by simply making a choice toward the goodness of all that we collectively are, and their solo in the overture of this existence will come to an end. Wisdom is our greatest teacher. Influence by being an example to others.

~ Scott

Top photo: Greg Schoen, Mother Earth News article: The Origins and Journey of Carl's Glass Gems' Rainbow Corn

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