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A Gift of Thankfulness

Posted: November 22, 2011


The circle of life swings around each and every Thanksgiving for me and returns me once again to a place of reflection. I ask myself if I have lived the past year with gratitude.

Thanksgiving is just another day. But, the true beauty of our desire to recognize a day for 'thankfulness' is that it practically forces us to take pause at least to the extent of recognizing the words 'thanks' and 'giving.'

Frankly, I think the day should be called 'Giving Thanks Day.' In the United States, often we are taunted by the commercialistic machine to make this day about eating exorbitant amounts of food as an act of recognizing how good we have it. However, if we do take pause and reflect on what such a day truly means, we would actually spend less time eating and more time giving. Ah, the perfect diet program... giving.

In my process of reflection, moments flash before my eyes that warm my heart, make me smile, and gift me appreciation for all the good that surrounds me. In fact, in all honesty, some of my experiences in the past 365 days were incredibly challenging if not some of the greatest challenges of my life. However, even those moments give me warmth. I realize that these moments are just as valuable to me as those I perceive as good. They are all good, after all.

As I reflect, I acknowledge just how much I have learned, and this I am tremendously thankful for. I am a more evolved being since this day past me by a year ago, and my world is the recipient of that wisdom. I am more at peace, more wise, more tolerant, more patient, more refined and everything I do because of that expansion of my awareness and Photorenovation of my being is that much sweeter.

So often we live life breezing through moments without expressing thankfulness. Acknowledging those around us who have shared their gifts is of utmost importance but, we must first recognize their acts as gifts to begin with. Our perceptions can be skewed when we are the recipient of an act by another that may have seemingly adversely effected us. But, rest assured, the act was a gift. Honor that gift with thankfulness.

Fill the plate of another this Thanksgiving Day with slices of gratitude and sides of love, caring, support, and tenderness. Visualize those in your mind that challenged every part of your being... those who made you think, those who brought you tears, and those who pushed you to your limits. Love them. Send them your gift of thankfulness. For dessert, you can then reflect on all of those wondrous moments that made you smile, brought you cheer, satisfaction, and peace. Together, your cornucopia shall overflow with the richness of your life experience. This is your centerpiece that sits upon the intricately woven fabric of the table cloth of your life.

Give of your thanks for the experiences you have been granted and be thankful you're not a turkey.

Scott is the author of the new book Rediscovering Your Divine Music released on 11/11/11 by Token Rock Publishing. Read more about it >

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